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Japan Update has published news about Okinawa in English for almost 30 years. Over the years, information in Japan Update has served the needs and interests of tens of thousands of readers residing in Okinawa or having an interest in this island prefecture, providing invaluable information that has not been available in English language from any other source.

It also became a source for Japanese readers studying English or having an interest in how foreigners living on this island think about events affecting everyone.

Japan Update stopped publishing a printed newspaper three years ago, and even the Japan Update website scaled down with updating stories. In the meantime, lots of readers have continued to send us messages asking for information and also for us to continue publishing on the website, and to keep updating and spreading information on Okinawa.

This is why we have decided to revive the Japan Update website!

First, we changed the website’s layout and design, and started adding new information and news about Okinawa. Of course, our goal is to make Japan Update into a leading English language media website on Okinawa.

We are planning to add new content, such as video, local events, recipes of Okinawan traditional foods and more.

We feel that in this time and age, it’s not enough to have only one-way traffic from us to our readers, such as just spreading information, but we would like to make the website and our affiliated social media sites, such as Facebook, twitter and Instagram, a place for our readers to communicate with Japan Update staff and also for readers among themselves.

Regarding local news, business news, event information and information on new facilities going up all over the prefecture, we are planning to visit the venues and include more photo and video images to make it as easy as possible for our readers to comprehend the scene.
We will welcome and accept messages from readers who would like to know about Okinawa’s history and current affairs more in depth.
We welcome requests to research questions about Okinawa and would like to make Japan Update a place for everyone who loves Okinawa.

Of course, all this costs money, and we would like to ask support from our readers who appreciate and approve of our activities.
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