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Curry buffet for only ¥790!!

For Children (3-9 yrs) ¥550!!

We serve real full-scale buffet every weekday consisting of six different curries; beef curriy, three Indian flavored, and two Thai-style curries, from sweet to spicy to satisfy every palate, including small children.
Frozen orange juice, fried potatoes, salad and tea as many serving as you want.
Both lunch and dinner. Enjoy your meal on our outdoor terrace with gentle ocean breeze smoothing your mood. This is an experience not to be missed.

Chicken curry ¥650
Roast beef cutlet curry ¥650
Chicken cutlet curry ¥600
Nan bread ¥180

We give free dessert ice cream to all who print out this page and bring it to us Coupon>>

Restaurant DATA
Tel. 098-936-5964
E-mail. fab@estate.ocn.ne.jp
Adress. 1-655 Miyagi Chatan-cho,
Okinawa 901-0113
Hours 11:30`21:00 (L.O 20:30)
Open Everyday!I
Lunch Hours@ 11:30`15:00 @Price¥790`
Dinner Time 17:30`21:00@ Price¥790`

OKinawa Market
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