Ryukyu Golden Kings
bj league season 2012-2013 Home Game Schedule
Schedule Opponent Tip Off Location
Oct.27 Sat Shiga Lake Stars 19:00 Okinawa City Gym
Oct.28 Sun Shiga Lake Stars 18:00 Okinawa City Gym
Nov.17 Sat Oita Heat Devils 19:00 Okinawa City Gym
Nov.18 Sun Oita Heat Devils 18:00 Okinawa City Gym
Nov.24 Sat Rizing Fukuoka 19:00 Ginowan City Gym
Nov.25 Sun Rizing Fukuoka 13:00 Ginowan City Gym
Dec.15 Sat Shimane Susanoo Magic 19:00 Ginowan Cisy Gym
Dec.16 Sun Shimane Susanoo Magic 13:00 Ginowan City Gym
Dec.22 Sat Hamamatsu Higashimikawa Phenix 19:00 Okinawa City Gym
Dec.23 Sun Hamamatsu Higashimikawa Phoenix 18:00 Okinawa City Gym
Jan.02 Wed Kyoto Hannaryz 19:00 Naha City Gym
Jan.03 Thu Kyoto Hannaryz 13:00 Naha City Gym
Jan.12 Sat Takamatsu Five Arrows 19:00 Ginowan City Gym
Jan.13 Sun Takamatsu Five Arrows 13:00 Ginowan City Gym
Feb.02 Sat Osaka Evessa 19:00 Okinawa City Gym
Feb.03 Sun Osaka Evessa 13:00 Okinawa City Gym
Feb.09 Sat Miyazaki Shining Suns 19:00 Okinawa City Gym
Feb.10 Sun Miyazaki Shining Suns 18:00 Okinawa City Gym
Mar.02 Sat Yokohama B-Corsairs 19:00 Ginowan City Gym
Mar.03 Sun Yokohama B-Corsairs 13:00 Ginowan City Gym
Mar.23 Sat Saitama Broncos 19:00 Ishigaki City Gym
Mar.24 Sun Saitama Broncos 12:30 Ishigaki City Gym
Mar.30 Sat Shimane Susanoo Magic 19:00 Okinawa City Gym
May.31 Sun Shimane Susanoo Magic 18:00 Okinawa City Gym
Apr.13 Sat Gunma Crane Thunders 17:00 Okinawa City Gym
Apr.14 Sun Gunma Crane Thunders 18:00 Okinawa City Gym
As of August 16th,2012. Time and dates are subject to change. Time and locations are to be announced later. For more information, Please check

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