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What's Going On Here?

By: Cass Kanevil

Date Posted: 1999-12-17

Last week, we published a letter from SFC Anthony Maoire. He was writing to ask for help with the Torii Station Housing Office, and to see if there was any way possible for him to get some appliances for his home (now mainly a stove).

His situation is truly awful. This was back in August and there STILL isn't a resolution to this problem. Who's in charge here and WHY hasn't this been fixed yet? I suppose we should keep on accepting that it takes the military a year and a day to fix what's broken, since that's the way its always been and will always be. There's either paperwork sitting on one person's desk FOREVER or something stopping certain people from actually MAKING A DECISION.

Upon reading SFC Maoire's letter a few times, I made some phone calls. The first was to the Torii Station Housing Office. I was given the name of Ms. Elaine Daniels as the manager, and I asked to speak with her. Apparently she is fairly new to this position and isn't privy to all of the information I needed. She also isn't authorized to give statements regarding the Department of The Army Housing official policies, and wasn't allowed to answer any of my questions. So what is her position in that office again? I emailed her a copy of Anthony's letter so she could see and feel this soldiers frustration in his own words. She made a phone call or two and then after giving me an "unauthorized" statement which didn't really make any sense, she was told to direct me to the Public Relations Officer on Torii.

However, according to what I gathered from my investigation, the Army and Air Force have an agreement in place that provides barracks personnel government furniture and appliances. There is an amendment to this agreement in the works, that would allow Army funds to be used to purchase and supply furniture, stoves, washers, dryers, etc. to single soldier personnel living off post. However, there is no proposed date of completion for that amendment (OOH, what a surprise!). What a screwball runaround I was sent into. If I was frustrated after just one day of trying to figure out what was going on, I can just imagine how SFC Maoire must feel.

Apparently, even the Public Affairs official I spoke to was having a problem getting a straight answer from anyone. It's not like I was asking anyone to fix the problem and get SFC Maoire his stove; I was just inquiring WHY the situation was happening and what exactly was in the works (if anything) to get this problem fixed. Maybe that was a little too much to ask for, huh? So, to SFC Maoire - I would just suggest that you take this a bit higher-possibly the I.G., not only to complain about the situation, but maybe to get the straight and skinny of WHY this is even happening. The point here is for you to get your stove! So if my article has annoyed anyone from Torii's housing office enough to actually make a statement, regarding this situation, please feel free to email update@japanupdate with your response.


Now, here we go with an upset male that sent in a response to my "lend a hand" article in Dec. 2-8 edition of the Japan Update.

Kass Kanevil: One Woman Who Wants It Both Ways

OK! Here we go again! In response to Cass Kanevil's article in Dec. 2-8th issue about military spouses (and don't kid yourself, she's talking wife type spouses) is just another of a never-ending example of women who want it both ways. She starts her fourth paragraph with, "It is my request that any and all available men HELP whenever and wherever they can." My dear, you forgot to also capitalize "MEN" in that sentence. What about the other "strongest women on the face of the earth?" They can't help? Did you just conveniently forget that

"it is a shame that (they) hesitate to serve you", too! SERVE YOU! Maybe that's why you want the men to "park a little farther away in a parking lot so you can save those close up for women with babies"..............yeah, like a modified Handicap Parking Space for Moms who can't handle life! The only thing is, if I or another serving man park on the other end of the parking lot, it's possible that one of those women who have no children and, therefore, absolutely no possible problems may take your parking spot. THE TRAMPS!!!

Hey girl, get a grip. You get "Ladies Night" at various military clubs on island, you get "Ladies Day" at Awase Golf Course every Thursday. Hell, the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority just auctioned off single men at their sorority party at the Kadena Officer's Club on Nov 27th (see the article in Japan Update a few weeks ago). Just because you missed your chance at a "nice specimen" (their words, not mine), don't dump on the men on this island who have problems of their own.............i.e., women like you!

I "give a rip." G-E-T A G-R-I-P!

Timothy M. O'Rourke
Camp Foster


This letter is a difficult one to respond to. One side of me wants to go off on this guy for thinking he's above helping women out (and for saying "women like me" and the "modified handicapped parking space" thing). The other side sees that he must be putting up with the type of women that take advantage of men. Maybe he's become callused to those of us that aren't USING AND ABUSING. I emailed Mr. O'Rourke to thank him for his letter and to wish him Happy Holidays. He responded with the words of a guy that most definitely is forced to put up with ignorant, lazy women on a constant basis, and he actually thanked me for "letting him vent" his anger. I feel for ya, Tim! So, now instead of going off on him, I'm going to go off on the type of women he's referring to.

Tim has referred to women who "want it both ways" in the beginning of his letter. By this, I think he is saying that some women want respect and want to prove their capability and independence, but at the same time don't want to chip a nail or mess their hair up. Such women (hypocrites) are as useless as a box of hair and proof that evolution can go in reverse. I'll site some examples.

Before I came to Okinawa, we were stationed at Ft. Lewis, Washington. I worked at a title and escrow company which had about 25 people in the building. Out of that 25, only 8 were male. There were a couple of women there that would just jam up the copy machine, screw up the fax machine, or bust the printers, and then leave them like that until someone else would have to come along and fix them; or they would go get one of the males to take care of it. Some of us - the other women, that is - just opened the damn thing up, performed the machine operation, either fixed it, or called the repair company, and that was that. The men seemed to appreciate us much more for our independence, and they treated us as if we didn't ever need help, like we always had our situations under control.

The "box of hair" women were constantly supervised, not trusted to take care of things herself. In a way, that was unfortunate, because we were left alone to handle problematic situations and put up with a lot more crap than the "box of hair". They got away with murder and probably didn't go through half of the stress as the rest of us did. Here in Okinawa, in my own military community, I see some women who would rather let their lawns become an overgrown jungle before they'd get out there and actually mow it by themselves when their husbands are away. I find no use for these "boxes of hair" except for sticking them back inside their homes and having them perform the function of "baby factory-ing" since that's all they're good for.

Tim, I'm definitely not saying that you should go out of your way to help out any woman that's completely capable of helping herself, even though it's still considered the "gentlemanly" thing to do. My point is simple: keep your eyes open for those women in the background that may be struggling when they're left alone to take care of it all - but wouldn't dare want to bother you and ask for your help. It's them that are the most grateful and the most deserving when you offer your assistance.

Oh yeah, and just for the record, I don't attend "Ladies Night's" at any of the clubs nor did I attend the Sorority's "Male Auction". The idea of Ladies Night at my house is my 5 year old daughter and I renting movies at the Shoppette, and then going through the drive-through at Taco Bell. Now, that's our happenin' Friday Night!!! Male Auctions don't make much sense to me either. I have a very competent man at home who's willing to help and support me whenever he's able without monetary payment.

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