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IMG_7816Hiyashi Somen – Chilled somen

So now we’re in the middle of rainy season and after this, hot and humid summer is waiting for us. Somen are very thin Japanese noodles and this is one of the most popular dish during the summer season. I remember my mom cooked this chilled somen for lunch during the summer holiday and every time I eat this, it reminds me my parents’ home and my childhood. I think a lot of Japanese people have similar experiences. Naoko Ogura-Gayler Ingredients To serve 2 • 2 or 3 bundles of somen noodles • 2 tb...Read More





Nantuu is a kind of rice cake and a traditional Okinawanal sweet, which traditionally was eaten only during New Year or Bon festivals. Now you can easily get them anytime at any supermarket around Okinawa.

Made by mixing rice cake powder, miso, peanut butter and peppers, nantuu has more flavor and taste than other rice cakes. As a special feature, it has sesame seeds or peanuts placed on top. 


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03:25 31 May , 2015