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IMG_7924Akajiso Juice – Red perilla juice

This juice is very seasonal as you can only find red perilla leaves early summer. When I start to see red perilla leaves at markets, it makes me feel the arrival of summer. Every year, I buy a few bunches of them and make this juice. I love the beautiful bright pink color and the fresh and sour taste.  Naoko Ogura-Gayler   Ingredients • 11 oz red perilla leaves • 1.5 oz citric acid • 30 oz sugar • 9 cups water Directions 1. Remove the leaves from the stalks and wash them thoroughly. 2. Brin...Read More


Seibu plaza park

Seibu Plaza Park

Seibu Plaza Park

Seibu Plaza Park is located in Kochinda, Yaese Town. It covers a huge area and has plenty of walking paths. A part of the park is designated a nature preserve where visitors can observe plenty of birds, butterflies, insects and wild plants. There’s also a 15-meter-tall observatory called Ogusuku Observatory, from where one can see a panoramic view of Yaese Town.八重瀬 西部プラザ公園


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17:13 02 Jul , 2015