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IMG_1159Somen champuru – Fried somen noodles

Somen are a thin, white wheat noodles and very in Okinawa. In mainland Japan, people eat somen noodles with a dipping sauce but in Okinawa, it’s more common to make fried noodles or put them in a soup. You can make a really quick fried noodle dish as somen only require 2 to 3 minutes boiling time. Ingredients 3 bundles of somen noodles 3 oz sliced pork belly 2 tbs sesame oil 1/8 cabbage, sliced 5 blanches Chinese chives, cut 2-inch long 1/3 carrot, sliced into thin rectangles 1 pkg bonito fish f...Read More





JEF is the one true original fast food chain on Okinawa, with branches at four locations on Okinawa main island only.

The way food at JEF is served is straight from the American 50’s, in which customer can drive into a parking slot, place an order, get the food delivered and then eat on the spot without ever leaving the car.

The real difference is JEF’s original menu. JEF’s iconic Okinawan menu relies heavily on goya vegetable, and includes Goya Burgers, Goya Fries and fresh Goya Juice!!

Many people can imagine how bitter they are, but they are guaranteed to be really good for your health!!


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06:19 14 Oct , 2015