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IMG_0251Shabushabu salad – Boiled pork with sesame dressing

I know a lot of people find sesame dressing addictive. Sorry to spoil the fun, but did you know it has a high calorific value? I love sesame dressing as well, so this is a healthy, less guilty way to enjoy it. Ingredients To serve 2 Sesame dressing 1/4 island tofu shimadofu 2 tbs white ground sesame 2 tsp miso paste 1 tsp sugar 2 tbs vinegar 1 tbs broth 2 tbs water Other 5 oz sliced pork, shabushabu cut しゃぶしゃぶ Salad, such as a green salad. Directions 1. Place the sesame dressing ingredients in a...Read More


Kokusai Street Yatai Mura


YataiMura“Yatai” is a Japanese-style food stall, and Kokusai Street Yatai Mura located in the Mashiki district of Naha City features a variety of Yatai-style small restaurants in one complex.

Yatai Mura opened just last month, and instantly became a hot spot among visitors and locals alike. There are 22 stores in the complex that serve dishes like sushi, yakiniku, yakitori, ramen, soba noodles and more!

26.216544,127.690401 The shops are generally open from 11:00 – 23:00 every day, and there’s also a music stage for live entertainment.

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Japan Update Shopping Site Debuts!!
20:26 29 Jul , 2015