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June 10 ~ 16


You are almost reaching the level of harmony in your life that you have dreamed of. The only thing you need is a little more self-confidence and some help from a good friend. You should not be afraid to tell about your dreams to your friends, and if romance is important to you, that’s only natural, and you can freely admit it.


You will have many discussions with your friends over the next few days. No one has asked you to make an important decision, but you know it’s coming. You should think about with whom you want to spend time this weekend and look your best. It would help if you also thought about whether you want to ask a question you’ve had in your mind.


Someone will ask you to join a new project, but you should think carefully before agreeing whether this truly is what you want and in your best interest. If it involves too much work, think of someone you could recommend to replace yourself. The more practical attitude you take, the easier everything settles in its proper place.


A surprise meeting with someone could well lead to a conversation about your plans for your future. You feel free, and that is going to boost your imagination. You should not reject any proposal before considering everything thoroughly. There could be a significant question regarding love, and you can only hope the answer is correct.


Your charms and energy are now on top. No one can resist your smile and positive aura, and if someone does, you should avoid the company of such person. If you dream of a romantic weekend, just do it. When you put your mind on it, that’s almost a surefire guarantee that the occasion will be a roaring success.


Your social life should be the focus at this time, but you have to do something yourself. Your family and friends could still be in a stupor because of the rainy season, so an encouraging smile and a good hug from you could be just the right medicine to jolt them into action. Your love life is also in need of a good positive jolt.


It would be best to organize better and engage in boring daily routines as little as possible. At your work, there’s a plan afoot that will open you to new possibilities. That would also help you to show what you really can accomplish. Someone who has the power to move things is going to take notice of you, so stay on your game.


For you to recognize what you actually need, you should analyze your feelings. Ask yourself honest questions, and although you already know the answers, you could have a problem admitting them. When someone asks your opinion, avoid saying aloud the first thought that comes to your mind. Think first.


Changes that you have waited for a long time are finally coming through, offering you an excellent opportunity to put in your thoughts and ideas. The company of some intelligent people gives a nice boost to your confidence, and you will realize that you have more to offer than you’ve thought. Someone is going to confide you a secret.


This time working as a team would bring you the fastest results. There is a possibility that you can start a new project that is very close to your heart, and at the same time, offers an excellent opportunity to expand your circle of friends. The reward for a job accomplished could be more spiritual than financial at this time, though.


Dreaming about love, riches, and wellbeing is sometimes rewarding, but it can also bring disappointment and even fear. Make sure that your dreams are positive. Your life is what you make it to be, and in the end, no one is going to look after you better than yourself. But don’t be afraid to take reasonable risks.


Something you have regarded as very complicated turns out to be a simple matter as soon as you stop concentrating too much on small details. Sometimes taking distance can mean being closer to a solution. If you want to change your life, you should start with small steps and move on to accomplish your goals.

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