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Apr 22 ~ 28


Your thoughts are in the future, even as far as in the next year, 2021. You should be careful and create a plan that you can follow, so you can keep your goals clear as time goes by. Planet Venus has a strong influence on your zodiac, which means that there is romance in the air. You have to catch it by all means you can.


You are in the process of rejuvenating spiritually, and that will stay your main focus over the weekend. You will find that life has something new to offer. You would also like to invest in quality time with those closest to you and enjoy every minute. But prepare for a meaningful discussion with someone over the weekend.


Your social relationships are at the forefront this time, and you should do your best to keep your feelings from taking the best of you. Even though your mood swings from day to day quite a bit, you should try to pay attention to your money. It would be best to remember that acting without delay is your best bet in daily rat races.


It would help if you learned to use your natural charms better to your advantage, especially when you need to find out who’s doing what and with whom, and what for. Think about ways to lift your profile. There will be an opportunity to impress essential people without creating too an aggressive impression. Helping others will help you, too.


Your long-time plans are getting a boost as details that have been somewhat murky so far are becoming more evident. There will be a fresh whiff of fresh air in your relationship that will lift your spirits in many ways. Are the changes you have planned really necessary? Time will often take care of a long-lasting problem by itself.


Once you get over the weekend, you can expect your finances to improve. But pay close attention to your expenses regardless if you think that a chunk of change is due to your way. Your love life will also get a boost, but consider why a specific person wants to spend so much time with you? Maybe you are too modest at times.


Romance is at the forefront this weekend. Those who are single will discover good vibes where there weren’t any before, and those who are in a relationship will find a new spark. Planning a vacation or a trip with a loved one will bring the desired change in your daily routines, and trying something entirely new is a good idea.


Time is money is the motto of a coming couple of weeks, so prepare for busy days ahead. As you are entirely independent by nature, you wouldn’t let anyone dictate your life. But on the other hand, a little flexibility could improve your relationship with your lover. You have already proven to be confident in yourself and your abilities


Try to find some time to have a good time with your family and friends. There is a certain excitement in the air that inspires you. But don’t forget to pay proper attention to your health and finances. Also, make sure that you don’t stress yourself too much because you should be at the top of your game this weekend.


Your aura shines bright, and you are full of new ideas and plans. That translates into plenty of completed projects at home. Although your money situation is not necessarily the best possible, there are always discount sales and recycling. Finding tiny treasures gives you plenty of satisfaction for your accomplishments.


This weekend communication with those around you is easier than ever. You can talk about your concerns that have been off-limits until now. Understand that when everyone is under stress, mistakes are inevitable, and if you want to advise someone, don’t preach. Take it more straightforward and use your imagination.


You’re facing an energetic period ahead, full of love. Your money situation is also likely to improve, but you must not give in to your impulse to splurge, as there are expensive days ahead. You should allow romance to have a chance. Listening carefully to your lover would help. Do not let the opportunity go by unnoticed.

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