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Feb 25 ~ Mar 3


Some people higher up are making changes to plans, but they are not going to affect you. Events related to your family are bringing you happiness and make you understand your loved ones better. An old idea lying dormant seems finally ready to take off, but you must find some extra time to get it started. Once you get over the first hurdle, the hardest part is behind you.


Taking distance from your daily routines is the pathway to a more satisfying social life. Have you worked too hard or used all of your free time to help others? Now is the time to concentrate on yourself. Secrets and passionate feelings are taking over your thoughts, but you have to open the door to new friendships, leading you to experiences you have dreamed of.


You should see the lack of energy that has been troubling you as a way to concentrate on the paperwork that you have neglected. You could get to the bottom of your finances or make a new and more effective plan to accomplish your work. You should also pay more attention to your love life and romance. That would help to make your life more rewarding and fun.


You should spend more time in the company of your friends to help you avoid boredom. It’s time for you to start taking charge of your wellbeing and free time. Waiting for others to take the initiative can only lead to frustration. But by all means, tell your friends what you expect them to do, and listen to their ideas. In that way, you all can get more energized and accomplish more.


Do you feel that you have become cheated at some level? Do not let that feeling get under your skin. Instead, learn how to say ‘No!” You may not believe it yourself, but you are still as popular as ever among your friends. Growing more backbone could even make you more popular and exciting. So spread your wings and start experiencing something new in your life. It’s about time.


You feel healthy and attractive, and your positive aura shines far and bright. When you get ready to start tackling a new plan, you must be flexible and prepare for alternative action courses. The same goes for your love life. Chances involving romance can leave you shaken, but afterward, you know that they all have a meaning. You have to accept them as facts and live with them.


Although you are busy, you know that you can successfully face anything that life throws at you, but making an alternative plan, just in case, would give you an extra dose of self-confidence. This week the word is sensuality, and you feel satisfied in every way. Your sense of humor and attractive demeanor are your tools to make a very positive impression on people you meet.


It would be best to concentrate on advancing towards your goals and not be shy to show your skills. Although you might be ready to go for it alone, you will come to notice that some people want to back you up. Keep an optimistic mind regarding money, and try to straighten out any financial mess you could be part of. It’s easier for you now to find the right words when needed.


Be ready to grab every possibility that could advance your plans. That is a critical time on many facets, so keep your eyes open. This weekend is going to be as romantic as you want to make it. The planets are all aligned just right to prop up your ambitions, but you have to know where you want to go. So make sure to take a minute to think about that before you rush into action.


Someone from the past is again paying attention to you, so hopefully, everything goes better this time. However, it would help if you took an efficient stance. Although Valentine’s Day has come and gone, the planet of love, Venus, still influences you. To give love a chance it deserves, you have to slow down and relax. Otherwise, you might just run by it and not even notice.


It’s essential this time to stay abreast of the latest developments in your field considering your job. You have had a particular mental block in your mind that has prevented you from being your best. This weekend could bring you some rather spontaneous romantic experiences. But where and with whom you spend the weekend is of utmost importance. Don’t mess this up.


A piece of information you hear from someone is giving food for your thoughts this week. Your charms are on the top, and you have to think about how to make it work to your advantage. Your friends expect you to make a serious proposal regarding romance. You may be eager to get on with it, but first, you have to make sure that your finances are in order—money talks.

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