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Feb 18 ~ 25


You will feel a little relieved and relaxed this weekend, and it’s almost like the start of something new. You need to seek the company of the right kind of people to ensure that your life is in balance during the coming days. That would also help remind you of what is essential in life. Someone is going to give you a small surprise gift that brings you much joy and happiness.


If you are seeking a closer relationship with a particular person, a romantic and exquisite gesture could be the key. Before you agree to take more responsibilities on your shoulders, you should carefully think about your health. Planning for your future will inspire your imagination. Mostly, a rather exotic proposal from someone you have known for some time is sure to get your attention.


A friend or colleague will suggest a trip, and that will start you dreaming about visiting a place that is away from beaten paths. Compliments directed to you could lead to an invitation that you really shouldn’t decline. However, if you still insist on not going, it’s imperative to be polite and diplomatic. If you need money, the only way to get some is to look for extra work.


You can finally look forward to a few serene days ahead because a person or situation that has caused all the trouble seems to have disappeared. That gives you a chance to plan for a weekend with people you want to be with. It would be best to show your determination and bravery to people around you when you finally get to tackle a problem that you are stuck with.


Has a particular person finally stopped wasting your time? You should enjoy the romantic weekend waiting for you. Have you yet decided to show your true feelings to the person of your dreams? You should approach the situation without hesitation. Taking time to relax is a sure way to alleviate your physical problems. And never underestimate the power of positive thinking.


Everyone needs the company of new people at times to rejuvenate. So, what are you afraid and waiting for? New and fresh thoughts from positive minds will lighten up your whole life. You can expect the next few days to be very creative and productive. You will rediscover a skill that has rusted away a little and also, at the same time, impresses someone important to your future.


An unexpected trip or work-related task is going to bring romance into your life. If you think that this could be only temporary and fleeting, or the opportunity not worth seizing, you should think again. It’s the fact that sometimes good chances face us in the strangest possible disguises. That’s when you should use your intuition and imagination to the fullest.


You have plenty of people around all the time, and many of them cast tempting looks at you. But whom are you casting your eyes on? Whatever you are planning for the weekend, you should consider the person who has supported and always been there for you lately. Even a small present given with sincere thought could mean the world to the recipient.


The perceived resistance you have felt recently seems to have disappeared. Maybe it was because you took charge of the situation? That seems to work in most cases. A meeting out of the blue could mean some electrifying moments ahead in your life. As long as you keep an open mind, you can get everything possible from the situation. So, be brave.


Hopefully, you can take your life a little more relaxed this weekend. The current phase of the moon is sure to bring your social side to the forefront. Maybe you should figure out something special this weekend. A night out with friends, or an intimate dinner with your lover, could fill the slot. When you want, you can be a charming companion and the center of any party.


Something that happened last week seems to wake up some strange feelings in you. One day you know what is going to happen, but the next, you don’t. Believe it or not, most mysteries get resolved with time. You have to be patient and keep an open mind. Although you probably don’t have time just now to change everything that you want, be sure at least decide to begin.


It seems like some weight has been taken off from your shoulders. You are facing a new beginning, and all your plans seem to be more apparent than before. You can expect to have more energy and see more romance in your life. Maybe the reason was a party that you attended recently and all the new people you met there. Whatever it was, don’t miss the opportunity.

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