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Dec 31 ~ Jan 6


Now that Christmas is happily a thing of the past, and with it a major source of stress, there could be a surprise, although a pleasant one, coming with the New Year. Your New year is best celebrated with your immediate family and avoid all crowds. Your social calendar is likely to be quite empty for some more weeks to come, but you could use your extra time to learn something new for the future.


Old memories are likely to come to the forefront this weekend. Although 2020 was not the best of times, you made it through. That alone should give you a sense of satisfaction. You could take it a little easier now that you have cleared Christmas and use the New Year weekend to recharge your batteries. You can expect things to get busy soon and very demanding to your energies.


It would be very tempting for you to retire in the corner of a sofa and enjoy some peaceful moments for a while, but actually, a better idea would be to get physical and hit the gym or your usual jogging path. It would be good for you to do something different and unusual for the New Year this time, and making some firm promises to yourself you can keep would definitely be a good bonus.


Now you have to pay close attention to what kind of promises you make for the coming year, and especially think about what you can deliver. Committing to something that you can’t fulfill would stress you out and seriously affect your love life. It’s essential to make sure that you get your priorities right, which will prove to be more critical than ever in 2021, considering the continuing pandemic situation.


Someone will do something that first seems to be very insignificant, but, in the end, proves to be hugely important to you. You should give your lover a chance to show you how much he or she cares. You would be surprised how much this can influence your plans and happiness. But nothing will happen unless you dare to take the first step. And also, well planned is half done.


Planet Venus is now shining brightly into your Zodiac, which means harmony and happiness in your romantic relationship. It’s really a time to enjoy life and pamper yourself with some delicious food or a good book. It would be best if you took advantage of this weekend, as after the New Year things could change and leisure time could become a more rare commodity in your life.


For many people born under the sign of Libra, December was the time of continuous conflicts, but everything is about to become much smoother from now on. There will be great harmony in your family, but some anxious expectations could linger for some time to come. You should pay special attention to your romantic relationship. It needs some tender loving care.


The end of the year has brought good news to many. Your relationship with your life partner is now really coming to the front, but you have to pay extra attention to caring for it. Although there is a chance of a minor personal conflict, it’s not something that’s going to last. You could be moved to tears because of some small incident, but that will also show you how much you are loved.


Romantic sparks fly as the stress from your work decreases. Unfortunately, demands and responsibilities from your work are not going away or even diminish. Some unfinished projects demand your attention, and you also have to take time to make sure your finances are in order after all the shopping you had to do for Christmas. The times also require innovative thinking regarding your free time.


Your heart is now in peace, and you are, in general, happy with the status of things affecting your life. Now you are free to concentrate on your loved ones. If there’s anything that would make your partner critical of you, a properly timed apology will smooth things immediately. Entering the new year is better together and in harmony. Although times could be challenging, you have much to expect from 2021.


It would be best if you made a firm decision not to stress about anything small in the coming year. You are happy with your friends, and you have plenty of them, so why worry? You can take it easier in January, and the only thing you have to watch is what you say. Some people want to harm you because they envy you. So, although you want to set the record right, think first. Maybe it would be best to let it be.


You have made your loved ones happy with your generosity during Christmas. But what about your finances in January” Although you have to pay attention to your money, you should not take too much stress about it, as you can’t change the past. Things will always settle down one way or another, and there’s a good chance that you will get some unexpected income later in January.

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