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Dec 17 ~ 23


You must avoid shortcuts if you want to see steady progress in your business. Please pay special attention to all paperwork, because avoiding it means sure trouble ahead. Careful work with the basics and attention to the details will bear fruit in the future. When you plan for a budget, consider what is right for your whole family, and be conservative in all of your assumptions.


It’s not worth your while to wait for others to accomplish what you have asked them to do if you can’t be present yourself to make sure that happens. That could be a disappointment to you, but it’s better to be realistic. Make sure you plan far enough ahead to avoid trying to do things in haste at the last moment. And don’t forget to take into account the needs of your partner.


This week you should say and do something special to get noticed. A romantic plan requires careful preparation, and the fewer people are involved in your dreams, the greater are your chances of success. You have a knack for long-term planning, and that is going to get the attention of some influential people related to your job. It may take time but keep on trying.


You have no problem with your finances as long as you can concentrate on them properly, but there are times that various events distract your attention. Especially, now is the time of the month that you could lose real money if you don’t pay enough attention. So, make sure that all the papers are in order, take a deep breath, and get to the work. It doesn’t take that long after all.


It would help if you delegated some of your workloads to others, as that would leave you time to plan everything properly. Do not allow yourself to purchase anything big and expensive. Wait until after the New Year, and you have a better idea whether you even need what you were planning to buy. Dedicate this weekend to relaxing and pampering yourself. You have earned it.


If you feel that even the smallest hint of stress is enough to make you feel miserable, you have to take a close look at the mirror and then decide to take better care of yourself. Many people postpone going to medical check-ups even though everyone understands that it’s not a good idea in the long run. Try to learn to enjoy your free time more, and also take it easier.


It would be best if you left behind negative comments that you heard some people made of you. Just now, it’s easy for you to forgive and let go of negative thoughts. Because of planet Saturn, your creativity is at its peak, and that goes all the way to your romance and love life, giving it a nice extra kick. Try to get the attention of your lover this weekend in some unique way.


Are you thinking of going to do some gift shopping? Please do not take it for granted that you know what others would like to have for Christmas presents. You may feel that it would be tacky to ask, but after all, it is better than waste the money you worked so hard to earn. And you could try to set your senses more tuned to the feelings of people around you. That would not make you a wimp.


Because you know your value and have plenty of confidence, you have never thought of yourself as a part of a large mass of people. But as you have not made your presence very visible lately, there’s someone important to you who might harbor that kind of an impression of you. You should immediately start working on recapturing your real image. You won’t be disappointed.


You would not like to save money now but rather splurge a little bit. But there could be some unexpected expenses coming, so you should be careful. Waiting for some larger purchases until January would be a good idea. A wad of cash in your pocket could be an irresistible invitation to spend, but you should make a firm budget and then stick with it as best you can.


You are in a philosophical mood, and that suits you well just now, as you have plenty to think about. It’s important to remember not to get stuck with the past. But that doesn’t mean that you should not listen to the advice and opinions of people who have more experience than you. Listen and pay close attention, as you could learn a lot of valuable lessons from their experiences.


Thinking of new ways of doing things is a sure way to lead you down the right path, especially your job. It would be best if you thought wide and aim high. You should be available to help others if you notice symptoms of stress or excess pressure. People value high your ability and willingness to take on problems. And in the long run, that will also be your advantage.

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