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Nov 26 ~ Dec 2


It’s most vital for you to learn to keep an open mind. When you are able to notice and take advantage of the possibilities that various situations offer, you are already ahead of the game. You can expect very soon to have a discussion with your colleagues that makes clear that you want more from them. They truly have to put more effort into the common good than they’ve done so far.


It would be best if you made an extra effort to advance your idea at work, especially as your self-confidence is now the way it should be, meaning that it’s not very easy to argue against you. Remember that it always takes two to tango when it comes to love, and you both need to work to get the best possible out of it. You can’t push everything on your partner’s shoulders.


Would you like to invest in some project more than just your time? Sometimes taking a risk turns out to be profitable, but the main rule is never to gamble for more than you can afford to lose. You now have an answer to your personal question, but the real question is, how flexible can you be without being irresponsible. That’s something you really should think about.


This weekend you can expect passion and possibility to come together, and that means something exciting. But the danger is that a sexy secret is taking you in a very wrong direction, mainly because of misunderstanding. Why would someone try to lead you amiss? To find an answer, you have to read between the lines. It would be best if you stay sharp and on top of the situation.


Mostly because of a specific service you’ve done to a group of people before, you can now expect them to help you. If someone in the group does not get it and needs persuasion, you should send someone instead of yourself to find out what the reply will be. You should not be pushy, but determination is a virtue. However, do not put too big demands on yourself in this matter.


You have likely waited for recognition for some time, so when it appears in front of you unexpected, be thankful. It would be best if you were especially careful with your sharp tongue, as it would be only too easy for other people to understand you wrong. And you can also expect everything to move in a direction that allows you to get your views heard much better than before.


Although you are always very attractive, thanks to planet Venus, your charms reach their peak this time. Changes in your appearance have given a considerable lift to your self-confidence. Money-related matters could bother your mind soon, and they require your attention and taking appropriate action. Specifically, you should prepare for the upcoming holidays season


Have you noticed that your feelings are a little mixed because of something concerning your love life? Things move fast these days, and you should get a better grasp of your surroundings. You could worry that you give an impression of being ill at ease or even impolite. However, you should pay more attention to how this situation will affect your social life overall.


You will finish a specific project within a couple of days, and that gives you great satisfaction. Now you have to consider what to start next and with whom. You should not hurry. It’s better to wait until you know you’re ready. Do not let bad conscience make you suffer from a little free time and play. Sometimes it’s very healthy to take time to reset your mind completely.


A chance encounter, maybe related to your work, is going to set your imagination running. You can feel a certain degree of sympathy of souls surrounding you, but caring for this friendship could prove to require much work. However, it would be worth it. Have you noticed your ambition to go down lately? You should avoid people who cut down your self-confidence.


You are supposed to do a favor to someone. Although you don’t expect any special recognition as your act was entirely natural for you when you get it, show that you are pleased. Someone could be unwilling to admit that you have been right. The most likely reason is that the person has not fully understood your situation. Take your time to explain the facts until they’re clear.


Most of the time, you don’t see yourself as exceptionally gifted or artistic, but you should give yourself a chance this time. Trying out and experiencing new things is exciting, and there’s no reason to be afraid of it. If other people trust you, why don’t you? Avoid drifting into everyday routines, as, in the end, that is not for you. Surprise yourself and let your creativity blossom.

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