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Nov 5 ~ 11


You can expect your money situation to improve as the efforts that you made a while back are starting to bear fruit. That gives you a chance to come through with a promise that you have made but have not been able to deliver. Also, a romance that has been on the back burner because of your money problems now has a chance to re-ignite, but you have to work on it.


If you take a careful look at a mirror, you will see what you want to change. Now would be the right moment for those changes. Although money seems to be an essential element in a romance, you should realize that you don’t need to, and can’t, buy real love with money. If you only present yourself the way you are, romance and love will find its way to you before you even notice.


The next few days promise to be successful with plenty of exciting turns and twists. But for some reason, you don’t want to tell others about your good luck. Maybe a small voice inside warns you. You could be even more effective if you could keep your mind concentrated on your goals. There’s a good possibility ahead for a promotion or an unforeseen opportunity to advance.


You would like to party, and work is nowhere near the top of your mind. Advice from an older and more experienced person could help you to move forward. In any case, there are going to be some changes in your life sooner than you think. It may be that you don’t see them yet, but you should take a positive attitude towards those changes as they will be for the better.


All kinds of worries might enter your mind, especially concerning your health. Do not believe that you can find answers on the Internet. It would be much better to make a reservation for a complete health check at a nearby medical clinic. One of your relatives could have a problem, and to resolve it, you should think about what has happened in the past. You’ll find your answers there.


It’s very easy for you to encounter misunderstandings with your friends just now. When a conflict arises, you must avoid sticking to your guns but instead try to reach a compromise. Talking the problems through does not mean that you have to change your mind, but that could make the person you face feel better and defuse the situation. You have to be more empathetic.


You have conflicting feelings about a particular financial question, and your position on this matter is far from clear. If a friend is involved, you should try to find a compromise that you both can agree on. If the situation feels too complicated, you should not hesitate to get out of it altogether. In any case, you should keep your eyes and ears open for anything unusual.


It’s the time to make up your mind regarding a complicated relationship and decide what to do about it, but you have to find just the right words. The situation could make you nervous, but once you choose, you will find that everything turns to your advantage in every way. You should make sure you have enough time to relax and sleep as to resolve this takes energy.


You must resolve a problem that has pressed your mind the soonest. You can start from a clean slate in many aspects of your life, but you must also avoid repeating your past mistakes. Is someone urging you to make a decision on something? You should make up your mind before something new comes up that could take away your chance to make the decision.


You want to show your best side to people. Is there someone special whom you want to impress specifically? What makes you an attractive person is that you can adapt to any situation and stay on top of your game. When you believe in someone or something, you should not change your mind but show that you can be uncompromising when necessary.


You will face some challenges, and even if you feel that you are ready to take them head-on, you should evaluate possible risks carefully. A wrong move could lead to a conflict between your work and home, and if you can’t find a balance, you should bet more on the side of your home. You should pay attention to details to avoid mistakes that make you look careless.


Everyone seems to have their own opinions about you this week. Are those people trying to tell you what you should do or even think? Of course, they are wasting their time, and they will realize that soon enough. When you know you are right, it can be irritating to listen to stupid comments from those around you, but sometimes you don’t have a choice, so keep smiling.

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