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Oct. 29 ~ Nov 4


It would help if you addressed romantic musings that take your thoughts to the past. We all learn from our mistakes, which is a way to make progress and advancement in our lives. However, just now, you should be very careful not to repeat an old mistake. If you think of a specific person from your past, the best way to handle it would be to make contact, then deal with it, and move forward.


Make sure you are aware of all possible alternatives of an urgent matter at hand, and not only the ones that are presented to you. You can shape your destiny both by accepting everything good and rejecting bad choices. A close human relationship seems to be ready to turn for the better, and you should not miss this opportunity that could affect your life for a long time to come.


Your plans are affected as much by influences from outside as actions you take by yourself. You don’t have much power over the situation, and you are now facing several choices. You should pick up the one that you think is the most profitable in the future. You should not focus on the past but on what’s ahead. Of course, you can learn from the past, but circumstances also tend to change.


Thinking of choices that would be the best for yourself and your partner could give you an impetus to achieve your goals better and faster. Why not do something extraordinary this weekend in the middle of all the hustle? Forget the work and relax for a while. Look for a balance in your life. If you discover that you have forgotten to worry about something, that’s a good start.


All you need is just a small chance to bring joy to the everyday life of your family. It’s unnecessary for you to spend large sums of money or invent something that your companion possibly doesn’t even care about. When was the last time you went together to see some new place? Fixing your home over the weekend would also help you clean your mind and start from a clean slate.


Your aspirations are high, but you might also have noticed some signs of excessive stress. The attention that one of your colleagues is paying to you could feel disturbing. But it would be best if you kept a professional attitude while staying true to your principles. The main thing is to keep your own long-term goals clear in your mind and always keep working on them.


Do not forget the importance of honest talk, especially in matters concerning love. When you think about what has happened over the past few weeks, you will see what has changed. It’s important to decide now which of those changes you want to keep and which ones to discard. This weekend is very significant to your love life, so you must make sufficient time for the two of you.


By paying attention to organizing, you will get through the next week without problems. Something could come to disturb or stop our daily routines, but that is not likely to slow you down if you keep your focus on the task at hand. Something unusual towards the end of the week could cause excitement, but you must believe in yourself. You can finish what you’ve started.


You will notice that your situation is much better than you had thought. You are now able to make changes that have been on the back burner for some time. Placing your trust in your loved one would help you to reduce excessive pressure. Do not hesitate to ask for help from your colleagues if you feel like too much burden is accumulating on your shoulders to bear alone.


Something in you is changing, but you can’t notice it by looking at a mirror. Your self-confidence is clearly on the upswing as you go ahead, as every new experience you face and every new person you meet increases your knowledge and understanding. Be not afraid to give the impression that you make too much noise. Everyone else loves to talk about themselves all the time.


Do not look down on anyone quiet by nature. Sometimes you will see that such a person is capable of wonders when given a chance. At this time, you should seek to mix and mingle with as many people as possible, although at times, it could feel like people expect you to embrace the whole world at the same time. The way for you to get ahead now is to care and share with others.


Maybe you find it unnatural to think about a vacation at this time of the year, but there’s nothing to stop you from planning. Someone younger in your family could be the key to resolve a communication problem. Over this weekend, you could expect to find out facts that will help you keep peace among your extended family members. And you should play an active role in it.

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