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Oct. 22 ~ 28


You can expect to see many changes and exciting possibilities to pop up in the near future. Changes could mean more time for leisure and finer things in life. You could be able to enjoy the lighter and more exciting aspects of your life with your family and friends. Making important decisions should become more manageable now that you know what to expect and what you want.


Passion and strong emotions are in the limelight this weekend and days beyond. But, at times, it almost seems like you are resisting love that is offered to you on a platter. What are you afraid of? You have everything to win if you are brave and make the right move. Think carefully with whom you spend your time this weekend, though, to avoid conflict and the ensuing argument.


Make sure that you are in the right place at the right time for a romance and that the right person is there, too. You must be active and take charge of your plans to be able to enjoy what you like. If you want to make sure that you get your message through, there’s a good chance this weekend, but you must forget about modest and colorless action. Boldness is needed.


You are facing a critical discussion that you might not be too keen to participate in. For some reason, you lately have not been quite yourself, but this is going to change. Playing the second violin in your friends’ orchestra is not what people know when thinking about you. This gives you one more reason to take yourself by the neck and show who you are, your true feelings, and aspirations.


Your work and domestic responsibilities could face conflict, but that should not pose a severe problem if you clearly explain the reasons and give a rough timetable to get through the situation. Communication is not a problem. Later next week, you will have an opportunity to shine among your peers. There’s no reason for you not to enjoy and make the best of the moment.


The relationship between you and your lover is becoming more resonant, and mutual feelings of love and support are at the forefront at this time. Better cooperation among members of your team is also the key to success at your work. A compromise would give you more time for your social life. You should invest in romance this weekend and avoid anything controversial.


You can expect all kinds of things to happen over the next week or so. You will likely meet important people both in your job and private life. However, this will only happen if you get out and moving. It is now imperative that you are in the right place at the right time. But there will be no shortage of temptations of every kind either that you should not succumb to.


Your character strengths come out very well at this time, but you could also make too emotional decisions that could be very unpopular. The best way would be to clean the table and start from there. Although you could have burned a few bridges along the way before building new ones, at least you have plenty of energy to start the job. So, you have no reason to wait any longer.


Did you experience some shock during the last couple of weeks? You will soon discover that things are not as bad as you first thought. Expect temptations of every variety to appear from most unexpected directions and so strong that even a saint would fall. How about you? That would depend on how you truly feel and think. Only you can decide what is right for you.


Pay special attention to your finances as many people are preparing to separate you and your money. Pretenders and fools seem to abound in every direction, and you might be more vulnerable and prone to persuasion than usual. Concentrating on daily practical matters and keeping your family and best friends’ company would help keep you on the right path.


You have to take more time and pay more attention to your love life for it to flourish. It helps to know that the best moments are still ahead of you. You must not forget money when you plan for your future and decide about it. Compromises are necessary, and there is also the kind that you can make on your terms. But it requires using your head and then having the courage to go for it.


This weekend could turn out to be one of the best yet this year, and it could be incredibly fun on the party front. And if there is none on the schedule, plan one for yourself! One of your long-time goals has been to put your finances in order, and now that you are almost there, the most important thing to remember is that generosity to one could lead to an avalanche from others.

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