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Sep 24 ~ 30


You face busy times after the weekend, so you should concentrate on relaxing and building up your energy reserves. You will hear some good news that makes you happy, and that reflects the people around you. Pay special attention to any paperwork you have to do. You will have a chance to impact other people’s lives, so try to be honest and impartial. It’s to everyone’s advantage.


Someone is going to ask you a question that requires careful thinking from your part before you answer. You don’t have to give your answer right away, so make sure to take your time to think it over thoroughly. It also could be that your answer does not match the needs of the person who asks. It’s easy to ask, but the right answers are more difficult to come by, especially in romance.


The next few days seem to be a little confusing, and many things could become more complicated. Change, and even confusion, doesn’t necessarily mean everything is worse. You can expect heated discussions among members of your family. Why is someone repeating the same thing over and over? Could it be that you don’t listen to what this person has to say?


Just now, everything in your life is going smoothly. Although some people around you could be going through dramatic events, it should not significantly affect you and your plans. Of course, you could always tell them to shape up and start acting like adults, but then their problem would become yours, and you had to listen to them and help them to find a solution.


This weekend you will find yourself at the center of attention, and maybe to your surprise, you could discover that people admire you. Does this offer a chance to do some good? Don’t be shy to offer your help if someone needs it. You should not let your pride to shadow your intuition. If you would like to do something completely different from your routines, now is a good time.


You are beginning to see yourself in a completely new light, and you would like to change certain aspects of your life. That could work as long as you make these changes for your own sake and don’t involve others. Remember to pay close attention to your health. You are facing a new, more peaceful period in your life, and the results of these changes are up to you alone.


As far as your finances are concerned, this week will not see any change for the better. In love and friendship matters, you should trust your own instincts instead of soliciting advice from your family or friends. It seems that you prefer to seek the company of people who think exactly like you, but perhaps that does not stimulate your thought process enough.


The line between friendship and romance is getting less clear, causing some confusion and awkwardness between you and one of your friends. You should not lead anyone astray on this path if you want to save yourselves from an embarrassing situation. Some changes around you could be a surprise, although they are far less dramatic than they first look.


Now is a time for a change. Do not let small things affect your attitude because you are on the right track. There’s someone who is very fond of you but could soon give up if there’s no response. Could you imagine a situation that you had so much money that you could say what you think? Now, why would you need all that money for that? Why would money change anything?


The next few days promise to be anything but boring. Many secrets are coming to light, and drama and spiritual values rule the weekend. You should try your best to smooth differences in opinion with a person that has been simmering for some time. Life is too short to keep living with hostile feelings or carrying on with a hurt pride that no one else cares about.


Everything is moving ahead with the lightest of touch and effort. By doing things that you enjoy most would give you an inspiration to your everyday life. A passing idea of doing something remarkable could prove to be an expensive proposition, so you should avoid any big gestures. There’s someone who appreciates your mere company more than any expensive gift you could give.


Do not regard changes that you are facing bad. Some things have to change, and usually for the better. Maybe you will have a chance to get ahead in your job, or you decide to move your life towards a new phase. In any case, the net effect, especially to your finances, will be positive. But you have to stay strong when the winds of change are blowing. Don’t try to fight them.

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