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Aug 20 ~ 26


The weekend will get a smooth start on Friday, and the going is only getting better over the next few days. Next week promises to be very productive with an emphasis on reading and learning and refreshing old friendships and social networks. A telephone number of an old flame could also appear from an entirely unexpected source. You must think about what to do about it.


This weekend will be smooth sailing ahead in every way, and family life is at its best. The coming week marks the beginning of a new phase of the pandemic lasting a couple of weeks, but at your work, things are slowing down. Nothing big is on the horizon, but instead, you can expect passivity boarding outright apathy to be the trademarks of the coming days. It’s time to take it easy.


You have to pay attention to those closest to you. Your children and even grandchildren, or people in your immediate family require a helping hand. Warm relationships you have nurtured in your family are coming to fruition and affect every aspect of your life. But remember, the changes that are coming are making everything better. You will have a happy future, although it may not look so just yet.


You can expect to enjoy fruits of the arrival of the romantic planet Venus into your quadrant. It would do wonders to you to be able to find some free time. That would help kick your hormones into gear, and you would be able to create memories to last a lifetime. Organizing a weekend gathering of friends and family around a barbeque on the beach would be an excellent idea.


Your creativity is at its top, and you can expect to come up with some perfect ideas concerning your immediate future. You have plenty of energy, but the problem is how to put it into use. If you intend to sell or buy something, this is a good time. Signs for the following week are even better. New ways of successful cooperation and teamwork are coming to the forefront. Your job is to pick up the best.


You are still stuck in a waiting mode. The best way to spend your free time would be to read something romantic or engage in a creative hobby to keep your mind busy. You can also expect to get some pat on the back from one of your bosses. However, a slightly gray outlook on planet Venus does not promise anything exciting in the romantic front for a week or two. Better stay at home.


You have to focus all your energy and concentration on advancing towards an important goal. Stress and a busy schedule could cause frustration, and continuous demands on your stamina could get into you. Still, as you have no time for your family or friends, and your social life is nearly non-existent, your only choice is to plow ahead towards the light at the end of the tunnel.


You now have the keys to help others in your team to rise to the challenge. You have to show by example and prove that you have what it takes. You have to change the way you think about your love life to take it on an entirely new level. Experience and wisdom are the requirements, but age is not essential. You also have to be more open when discussing with your partner.


This weekend could find you at a candlelit romantic dinner table rather than sweating at work putting in overtime. The position of planets also allows you time to rest and relax, if you so choose. There will be quite a hectic schedule waiting for you towards the end of the month or early September, so you need to gather and preserve your energy as much as you can to be prepared.


This weekend is not going to start the way you have planned, and there are many small hurdles you have to jump over to get on the right track. Although you can expect to have some fun, most partying and wild life have to wait until later. You have to dedicate yourself to your work for now and plan for the fun later. Your finances would also be in better shape in a week or two.


You must pay serious attention to your money situation and make sure your income and expenses balance out, especially if you were born in January. Those who were born later can dream about better days, but even they should be prepared to face reality not to feel disappointed or outright betrayed. The bright spot is that the situation promises to improve for everybody in September.


This weekend and the whole next week promise to be a susceptible time for Pisces regarding matters of love and romance. It could be a perfect time for a honeymoon. As the social life, in general, does not promise anything exciting, it would be better to plan concentrating on intimate parties for two away in a romantic hideaway with no prospect of anyone interfering.

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