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Aug 13 ~ 19


A surprise encounter this weekend is going to give you a boost of extra energy. Specifically, your creativity will be on the forefront, so now would be a time to do things that you enjoy most. This is also good for your emotional and spiritual state of mind. Even your finances should start going much smoother than has been the case during the first half of the year. Make the most of it.


You could feel somewhat guilty for the pleasures you have indulged in, but you should not be so harsh on yourself. This weekend lets you shine and show what you really can do when you get to it. And it does not pay to be too modest about it, either. What you need is an energetic partner who really could light up your sense of humor, and cheer you on. Then, go for it.


The next few days have a very positive aura on them, and that means that you can well afford to ignore all small irritations that daily routines throw at you. Why spoil good moments in life when you can take care of certain things later. Sometimes you are too strict to yourself. Those who are looking for a romantic relationship should be careful, though. Better wait for the right time and place.


Now is not the best possible time to start something new. For you to succeed, you must put your heart on it 100 percent. Sometimes it’s wise to wait for the right moment. The weekend promises to be peaceful, and thus you should concentrate on your own needs. Splurge a little on something you have wanted to do for some time, pamper yourself and take time to enjoy.


Is there someone or something that is trying to intervene with you having a good time. There’s no reason to accept anything like that. Show determination, and people get the message. Be brave and forge ahead towards your goals, and make your dreams come true. Has anybody said that it would not even be possible? Why would you waste your time listening to such a claim?


It’s not necessarily true that taking responsibility is annoying or even hard. It’s essential to have a good time now and then and let loose if you want to succeed and help other people. Be ready to have some rather odd feelings related to your love life. Maybe you have experienced the same before. Remember what you did then, and think if you should do something different now.


After rather busy times lately, you would like to slow down a little. Although you love to be in the company of people, sometimes it can become a burden. Everyone needs private time now and then. You should especially pay attention to what you want from your love life and romance. There’s a good possibility that your dreams in that respect could come true sooner than later.


Seeking a company of people with a positive attitude would help you to balance your rather uneasy feelings. It’s almost like you are unsure which direction your life is heading to, and you are just drifting. Having an honest talk with a trusted friend would help you greatly in your search. But be honest and go straight to the point. Be yourself, as that is important just now.


Your mental batteries need recharging after a rather stressful period. Understand that your idea of a proper way to relax could be slightly different from that of your friends, but you should still keep your designs, as this is all about you. However, it could be a good idea to have extensively relaxed and loving discussions about your plans and dreams. That would lift your mood considerably.


Make a list of all the petty problems and nuisances that disturb you. After you have the list together, you can dismiss them one after another. The more determined you are to make changes, the better you feel to take on them. If you plan to have a good time over the weekend, make sure that you select people to join you from those whose attitude matches your current mood.


You should clean your table and complete all those trivial tasks that keep piling up. Making a detailed list of the tasks and then arranging them according to urgency helps to organize everything and makes it easier actually to accomplish them all. Of course, there are other ways to do this, but this has proven to be effective. Meeting some new faces would refresh your daily life.


You can expect some beautiful and surprising moments this weekend. You should not worry about the future this time, but concentrate on the present and enjoy it. Your smile is contagious, and it’s likely to delight a certain person who has been slightly down recently. It’s also a great time to enjoy quiet moments with your lover, and those who are in a long-term relationship can find a new spark to warm it up.

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