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Jul 30 ~ Aug 5


This weekend the restless side of you is coming to the forefront. Some are craving for an adventure, others a venture into local nightlife. The thought of just sitting down and taking it easy does not appeal to you this weekend. But to get the most out of your free time, you have to take the lead yourself. Besides, that’s the only way to guarantee that you get just what you want.


Many friends around you seem to be in a festive mood, but most seem to be unable to decide which way to go. So, why not take it upon yourself to arrange a surprise party. The best choice would be to organize a picnic in a park or an old-fashioned beach party if the weather allows. Enabling your friends to take time off from their daily routines would give you an energy kick, too.


Try to remember that a desire to please someone has its limits. It could be difficult to chase away some too eager admirers, so you should be careful. Make sure the romantic signals you send are clear and understood. Try also to arrange some time for creative silent moments that would refresh you mentally. And don’t forget that you could always use your free time to learn something new.


You should trust in our first impression when you meet new people this weekend. If you feel the slightest shade of doubt, pay attention. Anyone can be nice if they only want, but that could only be a mask to cover their true self. The little voice in the back of your head can tell you precisely whom you can trust. Feeling warm and secure in someone’s presence sends you a clear message.


Your partner probably would like to spend more quality time just the two of you together, and it’s important for you to find a balance. Although you would like to see plenty of friends around enjoying the summertime together, wouldn’t you think that sometimes it would be much more romantic if it were just you two? Those who are single should pay attention as everything is not as it looks.


The strong presence of planet Jupiter is making you restless, and you may find it difficult to concentrate on anything. You may have too much energy, and it would be good to release it with some physical activity. The best would be to find something that allows you to test your physical limits and gives you new experiences. But anything is better than sitting in your chair, frustrated doing nothing.


There are many kinds of love, and you know that. Children in your extended family, older people, and even some of your age could want to be with you more than has happened recently. In the beginning, it could feel like an extra burden, but, believe or not, it could be more fun than you thought. The time to focus on your future will come, but now you should live this day and here.


The desire for more independence is slowly expanding in your head. Maybe to the point that you feel regret over ties that you have created over the years. At the same time, your lover could wish for closeness and intimacy as much as you want your private space. You have to come up with a compromise; it’s a give and take situation. Most of all, you have to be honest with everybody.


Do you see a particular person only through pink glasses, with no faults and always wonderful? If that makes you happy, then go on by all means. Your life is mostly what you make it to be. Like you, some people are able to make the best of any relationship and enjoy their life to the fullest. It may not lead to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but it keeps you happy nevertheless.


You can expect sparks fly emotionally, either because of a new romance in the horizon, or a rekindling of an old flame that you thought had gone out perhaps forever. Sometimes you might feel like you would like to slow down a bit, but you should enjoy now that you can. When would your life be as energetic as now again? Just now, you feel like you are a part of something big.


Many people say that there’s nothing new under the sun. It could be partly true, but there’s still much to see and experience. You could suddenly run into someone ready to make your life much more enjoyable. And if you want something more, why wait? Tell all concerned about it right away, and then do it! Having an open mind could easily lead you to new and exciting situations.


You may have feelings of insecurity, even if everything in your life is all right. You must start thinking more positively, as you have no reason to be pessimistic. If you want, you can clean the table and start anew. Nothing stops you expect your doubts. It would be best if you learned to think about every day as it could be the beginning of everything new and worth looking forward to.

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