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Jun 11 ~ 17


Because of the influence of planet Mercury combined with the sun’s pull, you feel a strong urge to do something all the time. But do you believe you must run around shouting the whole world how busy you are? Most likely, the answer is not. Slow down a little, so you have time to think. Perhaps your energy would be better used if you spent more time together with your loved ones.


Sometimes you would like to see more action in our life. On the other hand, you feel too stressed out from time to time and would want to jump out of the rat race. You should divide these two sides in your mind into two separate boxes, and then try to find a balance between the two. You can’t tackle both at the same time. Trying to do so would drive everyone close to you nuts.


You should make sure that you don’t put too much pressure on yourself this time. Relax, take it easy, and plan ahead. Trying to be flexible is also important. If at all possible, let your friends lend you a helping hand. You could meet someone over the weekend whose company you’ll find very interesting. In a certain way, this person exudes something exotic that affects you strongly.


Your inspiration is at its peak. By keeping an open mind on anything that is brought to your attention, you can expect to reach the best results. Events at your job are important in the coming week as they affect you directly. Do not hesitate to bring up your ideas and thoughts about the business. Maybe your boss is looking for a person like you to help him realize his future visions.


After a few restless days, your life is returning to normal, or at least that’s what you think. As a matter of fact, you can expect everything to change for the better. The helping hand you gave someone a while ago is starting to bear fruit. This weekend you have a chance to help Amor himself to be in the right place at the right time regarding a particular person. Maybe you should take a look at a mirror.


Take a firm hold on everything the next few days are going to offer you. You now have the energy to spare that allows you to immerse yourself in both your work and home life, and you will like it. People who are intimately involved in your everyday life may be planning a party or a trip, but you must make sure they include you in the plans. Sunday is your lucky day.


Everyone seems to be seeking your company, although that’s nothing unusual. Sometimes it could even feel quite stressful. Although you secretly love to be the focus of attention, it could be a good idea to keep a lower profile for a while. Planet Venus is now in the right angle to your zodiac. It gives you both charm and skills in negotiations. You should take full advantage of it.


Moments that you can relax and ponder wonders of the world are now few and far between. That’s unfortunate as they are significant to you. Although it would be very easy to go with the flow, it would be better to take full responsibility for everything that affects your own life. If you want to have privacy, make it clear. Especially, do not allow anyone to make decisions for you.


Acting on an impulse could lead to a great adventure. The matter could be choosing a new vacation destination or starting a new hobby or job. Perhaps even a new relationship – if you are single, you could finally decide to start looking for the “right one.” But whatever you choose to do, do it right away. It’s no use to postpone or procrastinate as the planets are now right, and that won’t last.


Don’t let other people take too much of your valuable time. Stay your ground when it comes to your free time. Money is not going to be a problem, at least for a few weeks. You can expect several surprises this weekend, but you are responsible for most of them. Sometimes you could wonder what you were thinking when you made the decision, but it seems to be a success after all.


Was all hard work and labor worth it? This weekend you will know that, yes, it was! At last, you will find time to think and enjoy your life and rewards for your hard work. People in whose lives you have involved in the past – perhaps some of your relatives – are going to bring new dimensions into your social life. Someone with whom you had strong disagreements in the past turns out to be all right.


Has it taken too much time for you to reach the situation in your life where you are now? Maybe you encountered wrong people at the wrong times that pushed you back. Luckily you can now be your self. Do not let others boss you around anymore, as you know now what you need and want. Someone related to your job may show interest in you. Romance, perhaps, but more likely professionally.

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