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May 21 ~ 27


The start of the summer season lightens your step and brings warmth in your heart. Those who look for love can quickly end up meeting people who are just gold diggers or rascals, so beware! However, you should not become overly cautious, but rather keep your naturally optimistic stance. Although keeping your social distance complicates things, keep trust in your future, and listen to your inner voice and intuition.


There’s not a worry in sight, so you should enjoy this lucky period, and at the same time, pay attention to your artistic and spiritual side and let them flourish. The strong influence of planet Venus brings your sympathetic nature to the fore, and that influences every encounter you have with people. Your caring and love make your relationships stronger. And as the world gradually opens up, proceed with caution.


Your desire to nest building is especially strong at this time, and you want to create a loving and caring atmosphere around you. The time spent with your loved ones is going to get an exceptional meaning. Making decisions together brings you closer to each other. And those who are not in a relationship will find plenty of possibilities to move forward, especially this weekend. The world is starting to smile at you.


You should spend as much time as possible with people who are important to you and tell them how much you appreciate their friendship and love. It’s possible that some personal but already forgotten relationships could find a new life, and who knows what kind of passions that could let loose. A walk in the park could be a good idea. But remember, lost opportunities are not your piece of cake.


Now is the time when you find your home to be the best place in the world and have no desire to venture out to the town. Fixing things and just moseying around the house is what gives you the most satisfaction. It seems that almost any reason could be good enough to have a party in your backyard with friends, but you still must wait for that for a while. Someone might need your help for his weekend.


Peace and harmony at home compensate for troubles and problems at work. You can expect a lot to happen over the next few days, and you have to rely on your intuition to resolve the issues at work. Money is not a problem just now, but you should pay attention to your finances to avoid it becoming a problem in the future. Sunday is your lucky day if you follow your own ideas instead of listening to everyone else.


You should concentrate on your future and try to figure out the best way to accomplish your ideas and goals. Once you start doing new things, you will find that your self-confidence gets a big boost as you notice your progress. It would help if you made a plan that covers the next three years, and then stick to it the best you can. You need a challenge, but you still have some time to come up with one.


You are facing both big and small challenges over the next week or so, and those will give your brain something to do. But that should not be a problem, as you love tasks that challenge your intelligence and give you a chance to show your strengths. You do not have to prove that to the others, only to yourself. Your love life should enter in a very harmonious period, which is welcome in this situation.


Love and appreciation are the keywords for the coming few days. You will likely spend a lot of time with your partner, and you shouldn’t feel guilty about that. Some moments this weekend could be dreamlike even to those who are not in a relationship. Try to keep your calm even when the life, especially at work, gets overly hectic. And take a good rest this weekend. You’ll need all the energy you can muster soon.


You are still feeling effects from a decision that you or someone close to you made last week. If the matter was related to your love life, conflicting and confusing reactions are to be expected. Keep up your faith by reminding yourself about everything that you can offer to the right person. Do not deny your real feelings, but be ready to show them openly when the time comes. And don’t hesitate when it does.


For those who are looking for love, progress may be slow in the beginning. A small holiday trip could create all kinds of possibilities, so that should be something to think about. Those who are in a steady relationship can find new spark by doing something new together. As far as money is concerned, don’t let anyone else decide. You earned your money yourself, after all, so don’t be so shy about it.


A chance for an adventure is attractive and is going to get your juices flowing before the end of this month. Maybe stories you’ve heard from an old friend have piqued your interest. Where this friend’s travels took him or her, and how this touches your heart? These are thoughts that will take over your mind but select carefully with whom you share them. It would be best to think everything over once more.

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