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Apr 16 ~ 22


The weekend and the next few days promise to be very relaxing. You can enjoy a quiet life without paying much attention to any schedules, and instead, you would be able to stop and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. You should contact some relatives that you haven’t had a chance to meet for a long time. You could also discover something that could be both interesting and useful.


Your interest in giving a helping hand to some of your relatives or neighbors could become as a surprise to those who think they know you. But it’s just that you are now so satisfied and confident with your life that you want to do your share for the common good. One good idea would be to volunteer to do something with young people. That would increase your self-confidence and help you get ahead.


Although you should pay attention to practical aspects of your life, your relationship with those points could best be described as imaginative. If you need improvement with your finances, you should have a more open mind for new ideas. Try to dedicate this weekend to people who mean you a lot. You may not know yet, in which way you should proceed with your love life, and that could be a reason for your anxiety.


Some of your friends could be conspiring to organize a romantic surprise. You should not dismiss their proposals outright, even if you are not too enthusiastic about their ideas. You should make sure you clean your desk at work as that would allow you to enjoy the weekend. You should listen more to your friends. It could be difficult for you to accept the truth if that’s not what you want to hear.


You now have an excellent chance to get your ideas understood, but you must be ready to present some concrete solutions. Some exciting events are coming up this weekend that you can share with your friends. Remember that a positive attitude could have a significant impact on the reactions of others. You should cheer up and enjoy the upcoming summer. You can expect much positive to happen.


Planet Venus, with all the romance it implies, now has a powerful impact on your zodiac. Maybe you have met someone on one of your trips, or through a hobby you share. This person could become a permanent influence in your life. If you are still free, you should keep an open mind regarding people who come from various backgrounds. Giving some happiness to others is very rewarding to you, too.


A relaxed atmosphere is what is in focus this time. You can expect several tranquil and relaxing days ahead, although there could be some short periods that could be very hectic. You could have many beautiful memories of this weekend that will stay with you for a long time. And such a serene atmosphere makes it also more comfortable to communicate. Tell your partner openly about your feelings.


If you would like to have a romantic weekend, you have to plan something special for it. Quality time spent together is more important than expensive gifts. Your job is also putting demands on you, and finding the best balance that suits everyone is not an easy task, but on the other hand, it’s essential. Luckily you are good at making tough decisions when needed.


This weekend you don’t have to expect anything drastic. You could use your time to sort out what has happened over the past few months and how it could affect your future. Make time to go through plans that you have made together with your loved ones. Some people may have a limited understanding of past events, so be diplomatic! Remember humor, tenderness, and flexibility.


Romance is in the air, and you get along very well with other people. Because of your creativity, it’s easy for you to see your life in a new light. If you can organize a short trip to a beautiful place, you could find your love life to spur onto an entirely new level. Only your imagination sets the limits, and much also depends on your attitude. Use your attractive aura, and your partner is sure to get excited about your relationship.


Nice peace at home and nurturing your partnership is what is needed this weekend. You might make decisions concerning your love life that has far-reaching consequences. Your relationship with your partner is getting stronger as the summer proceeds, and that would necessarily mean that the demands of your job would have to take a temporary backseat. Luckily that does not mean trouble in the short run.


Long-term plans are now taking over your thinking. Maybe you want to rearrange your furniture or do some gardening. Some people could even think about moving to a new house. Love is going hand in hand with your latest project, and a shared passion ties you two together stronger than ever. Many small pieces in your life are coming together, resulting in something more permanent and satisfactory.

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