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Oct 17 ~ 23


You have this urge to change something, and that includes yourself. Maybe you are looking for perfection, but even when you know that no one can be perfect, this is only giving you an extra boost and adds to your determination. Miracles are not made overnight, but because of your efforts, your relationships with people around you are going to get better little by little. This weekend you are in luck and a little gambling could be OK.


Times are hectic and this weekend you could use some peace and quiet, especially in the evenings. Maybe romancing yourself into the arms of your lover would be a good idea, and then stay there. Just once take your time to thoroughly discuss your situation. Your finances are also requiring your attention. You have to keep your love life private, and not let anyone interfere in your intimate business.


You may already feel the influence of the unpredictable planet Uranus, and the determined power of planet Mars, and that makes you ready for something new. Be careful, do not take risks just to keep your passions up, but instead bet on exciting, long-term plans for your future. There are some surprises coming to your way, and not all of them are welcome. Keeping your head cool will help, and so will listening to people carefully.


At last, you can expect to tackle a problem that has been in your mind for some time. This would also clear air nicely in the short run. Your ambition becomes the focal point of your work. Maybe you could be offered a chance to advance your professional education, or you can look forward to an important discussion with your boss that you have so long wanted. A friend is going to say something important that affects you profoundly.


You can’t stand unjust circumstances, but this time would be better to take a diplomatic approach than spring into direct action. A romance could get you to dream about traveling to some distant romantic destination, but before you rush into action, you should think it over once more. You love a challenge, and this weekend promises not to disappoint you. You can expect some fun. Pay attention to what you hear, someone has advice you could use.


Someone who has taken advantage of you in the past is about to try the same trick again. This time, however, you can be prepared if you pay attention. Make sure you protect your secrets and important information. Money needs careful attention, but it also gives you satisfaction when you know that you are holding all the strings in your hands and are in control of the situation. Show your enduring side to others.


You are in a very determined mood, and that helps you to accomplish a lot both at work and home as long as you choose the way you act with care. However, there could be bumps in your relationship with your partner, and something could even escalate into an argument. Money is at the root of most disagreements, and many people volunteer you with their advice, but you should follow your own intuition and knowledge over their advice.


These are exciting times, and changes or some disturbance could become obvious. Luckily you are known to be resourceful. If you have to do something anew, you should go back to the point where no problems existed yet, and then build your case up from there. You can get much energy from your home and the people closest to you. Now is a good time to think about your values and especially try to see the whole picture.


If there are any changes, they are going to be unexpected and swift. Your friendship could suddenly develop into something deeper, or an old flame you haven’t even though about could catch a new spark. You have to think about ways how to handle these old problems. If you don’t, you have to beware. Some of these could come to haunt you and intrude right in between you and your current life causing much confusion and disturbance.


A relationship that in its day was very close, could come alive unexpectedly. Maybe that gives you both a new chance to get it right, but first, you have to straighten out your finances. A possible conflict with your colleague would be amicably resolved if you both could keep cool and discuss it civilized. A small detail could turn the whole thing around and could help you to find a better and new angle to the problem.


There are many possibilities available at this time. Someone you just met turns out to be more interesting than you first had thought. There could even be love and romance in the air, but you should keep your thoughts to yourself until you know more and can be sure. Do not believe rumors that are swirling around as there could be very jealous and envious people close by. You have earned everything that is coming your way.


There’s a small detail that is nagging you but you can’t put your finger on it, and that is driving you nuts. Planet Venus does not make things easy for you, and you have conflicts in your mind that are coming to the forefront just now. Bring it on, but at the same time, show that you understand your partner’s point of view. Once you find a balance in this conflict, everything else is going to snap in its place easier.


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