Typhoon “Ling Ling” to hit Sakishima Wed. and Thu.

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The 13th typhoon of this season named “Ling Ling” is currently located east of the Philippines moving north-northwest.

According to the forecast by Okinawa Meteorological Agency, the typhoon is forecast to move north while strengthening along the way. It’s expected to pass to the east of the Okinawa main island on Wednesday and Thursday with the Sakishima Islands being hit by the storm area.

On Tuesday morning at 9 a.m., the typhoon had a central atmospheric pressure of 992 hectopascals with sustained winds exceeding 25 meters per second and maximum wind speeds of 35 meters. Sakishima islands are expected to experience strong winds starting on Tuesday and be within the storm area from Wednesday afternoon to Thursday. The Okinawa main island is forecast to have strong winds from Wednesday through Thursday although it will likely avoid the typhoon.

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