Typhoon Ling Ling lashes Miyako with 61.2 m/s winds

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Miyako Island southwest of Okinawa main island bore the brunt of the 13th typhoon of the season, Ling Ling.

The maximum wind speed recorded on the island was 61.2 m/s (137 mph) at 12:22 p.m. on Nov 5. That is the second-highest wind speed on record. A strong storm warning was issued for Miyakojima City, Tarama Village, and Ishigaki City.

According to Okinawa Electric Power Company, 20,570 houses were without power in Miyako on Thursday. Storm warning for Ishigaki was lifted at 7:19 p.m. Thursday.

Because of the development of thick rain clouds around the typhoon, heavy rain is possible on Okinawa main island today and tomorrow.

The passing typhoon forced the cancellation of 164 flights on Nov. 5th affecting 18,000 passengers. Some morning flights on Sep. 6th was also canceled.

According to Okinawa Passenger Ship Association, a total of 228 scheduled shipping routes were canceled because of rough seas, 14 of them between Ishigaki and Taketomi on Nov.6th.  

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