New hotel in Naha includes fancy wheels in room charge

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A private luxury hotel “Hotel Viviana,” scheduled to open in Naha on Sep. 1st aims to set a new standard for luxury, at least when it comes to customers enthusiastic about cars.

Including in the room price is a luxury car for the guests to use during the whole stay. Insurance and even the fuel cost are included. Also, the hotel pays for transportation from the airport to the hotel for example by taxi.

Guests can use the car as soon as they arrive at the hotel. They can choose from Porsche, Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Land Rover SUV, and they also you can change the car every day while staying if they so wish.

The hotel has eight floors and only seven guest rooms, one per floor. Each room is 51 square meters in size. The hotel is a condominium type and the rooms have equipment such as an automatic washing machine and kitchen with IH cooking stove, tableware, and all utensils. Netflix connection is included in each room.

On the first floor, there is a lounge that guests can use for free. Drinks including alcohol, such as whiskey, wine, sake, awamori and beer, and snacks are free. The room charges range from ¥39,000 to ¥44,000 per night depending on the season.

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