KIA Tigers cancel Okinawa autumn camp, politics blamed

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KIA Tigers, a Korean professional baseball team, has canceled its November autumn camp in Kin Town. This is the second Korean pro team canceling the planned autumn camp in Okinawa after Samsung Lions canceled their camp that was scheduled to be held in Onna Village. Both cancellations are attributed to the ongoing deterioration in Japan-Korea relations.

KIA Tigers has held their training camps in Okinawa since 2012. This year, the team planned to come in November with 60-70 people involved in the team staying at a hotel. It’s very likely that, in addition to the team personnel, a number of fans and news media people who had planned to accompany the team will also cancel.

Usually, seven professional teams from Korea hold their spring training camps in Okinawa every year in February and early March, and there is now a concern that those teams could also cancel if the political spat between the neighboring countries does not change.

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