Fisherman fatally falls from cliff at Cape Zanpa

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A man who apparently had been fishing from the cliff on the shore of Cape Zanpa in Yomitan Village fell for an unknown reason to his death, Monday.

The victim was identified as 54-year-old Kenyu Higa from Okinawa City.

Naha Coast Guard received an alert at 9 a.m. on Sep. 23th about a man floating in the ocean off Cape Zanpa.

The Coast Guard dispatched a rescue helicopter to the scene that picked up the man and transported him to a hospital, where he was confirmed dead.

At the time of the accident, the weather was sunny, but the waves were high. As there are no known eyewitnesses, it’s not clear how the victim fell down or if he had been fishing with a companion. Police and Maritime Safety Agency officials are continuing the investigation.

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