Broke man attacks police hoping to be put in jail

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Uruma City Police arrested 46-year-old Shinji Kamijo on Aug. 28 on suspicion of obstructing officers performing their duty, because he tried to attack police officers with a knife at Uruma City police station in the Ota district of Uruma City.

When questioned, Kamijo admitted to the charges saying, “I wanted to be arrested and put in jail because I’m so broke.”

The two police officers who were attacked were not injured.

Police are continuing the investigation into Kamijo’s motive in detail.

According to police, Kamijo entered the duty room at the police station a little past midnight on Aug. 28 with a jackknife with a 6.5 cm long blade threatening a 38-year-old police officer who was on duty.

Kamijo attacked the policeman with the knife in his hand, but another officer grabbed him from behind and held the knife down.

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