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May 2 ~ 8


You are now so energetic and determined that you are not willing to listen to objections or arguments from anyone. Someone could even say that you are poised for a quarrel. However, it’s not wrong to question events and plans, especially when it leads to the discovery of truth or clarity.


Just now you can reach the best results by being discrete, maybe even a little mysterious. Your preferred style of going straight to the point may not work now. Do not take personally the reaction you get from others. People are nervous and attempting for humor could very well make the situation worse.


Your ability to foresee further into future is a gift, as well as your skill of talking yourself out of almost any situation. You will need both in the coming days, as you edge closer to your goal. But you probably won’t get to see clear progress for your efforts during the coming week. Maybe you should update your dream.


Your colleagues seem to enjoy helping you and there’s clearly an atmosphere of trust among you. If you just show a little interest in your common cause, it’s easy to have them on your side all the time. Someone close to you will show you a new angle that you haven’t thought before to evaluate your life.


You have thought much of moving your certain relationship to a new level. Now it could be a good time to get your friends to approve permanent solutions you have thought of. You should give love more space, but don’t take anyone for granted. It’s very important that everyone feels they are appreciated.


Use every possibility and chance to improve your money situation, including devising some kind of a savings plan. Many people around you have these fantastic plans and ideas they are more than eager to present you for evaluation, but they mostly make your head spin. Perhaps a little break away is in order.


Sometimes your friends demand so much of your time that it feels almost suffocating. Of course, you think it’s wonderful to be able to help and make people happy, but you should think about your own well being sometimes. Find a friend who can cheer you up. Then do something relaxing together.


Although you enjoy helping others, you should do something for yourself this weekend. Something that is both relaxing and you enjoy. Charging your batteries benefits everyone you come to contact with. It’s also natural to want peace and quiet every now and then. Why don’t you make a regular schedule for it?


Have you felt a little down lately? Do you think about your future but are unable to do anything much about it? You should start with small steps and details, no matter how insignificant they may seem. Just do it. By getting those tasks out of your way, you make sure they don’t distract you when it’s the time to act.


You could be in for a surprise, maybe an opportunity to start something new or a raise or promotion at your job. You are often too modest, even shy. Do you realize at all how much people like and appreciate you? Be brave and thank all those people who work with you and push you to achieve your goals.


One of your greatest charms is your rock-steady calmness. It gives you an advantage in your job, but also in your romance.  Now you are facing a change that you won’t like. Even though you like everything new and exciting, you would not want to lose anything from your current situation. But you must be flexible.


Cooperation and flexibility are what is needed through mid-May. You must think very carefully about how you want to explain yourself. Your vision of the future is clearer than what most people have, meaning, you have to guide them. But you should be careful not to insult anyone by being too pushy with your own ideas.

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