Onna signs partnership with UNEP to protect coral

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Onna Village and Japan Association for the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) signed a partnership agreement for protecting coral on Feb. 10th.

This marks the first time that the association has signed an agreement with a municipality in Japan.

Last July, Onna Village issued the “Declaration of Coral Village” with the slogan of “The world’s coral friendliest community.”

Motoyuki Suzuki, who has a PhD in engineering and serves as a honorary professor at the University of Tokyo and representative director of the association, and Yoshimi Nagahama, the mayor of Onna Village, signed the agreement.

Manzamo is a popular and must-see place for visitors to Onna Village.

The agreement calls for a sustainable regional vitalization, environmental protection measures to prevent damage to coral and abiding to the United Nations’ conference guidelines as a stable tourist spot.

At the ceremony for the signing of the agreement, Suzuki stated, “How to protect the area of the northern limits of coral. Moving to the eco-tour model will be necessary to achieve tourism without environmental destruction.” He added, “We hope this activity will spread through Okinawa Prefecture and all of Asia and Onna Village become a model case.”

On the other hand, regarding the environment of coral in general, he emphasized, “We can’t do enough to protect against forces of nature, but mostly we need to raise our awareness.”.

Mayor Nagahama stated, “To save the oceans, all people in the world need to cooperate.”

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