Dead woman, unconscious man found in Nago hotel room

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Cleaning staff discovered a dead woman and an unconscious, injured man about 11:30 a.m. Saturday in a room in a business hotel in Ohigashi, Nago City. Police suspect the man killed the woman but was not able to question him immediately because of his injuries.

Police said Sunday that while the man was taken to a hospital, he had regained consciousness and said that he had killed the woman and then tried to kill himself by cutting his wrists.

According to press reports, the couple had arrived at the hotel on Friday for a one-night stay. As they did not show up at the reception desk at check-out time, the staff went to check their room and found the woman dead lying on the bed with multiple injuries and the man on the floor besides the bed, unconscious and bleeding from his wrists.  The staff ten called the police and an ambulance.

Nago Police say they are planning to arrest the man on suspicion of murder after he recovers sufficiently from his injuries. They will also investigate their relationship and other pertaining circumstances.

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