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Feb. 21 ~ 27


You could win big if you’d join forces with a person who could develop your ideas and put them into practice. You should be too sensitive to comments as most people make them just to help you out. You can’t please everyone at your work, but if you are guilty of trying, It would be best to take a little distance and see things from a different angle.


You should thrive to show off your best behavior this week. Your love life could experience some bumps, but the reason is most likely that your lover has problems of his or her own that take much of his or her time. The best way of action would be to let your lover to know where to find you when it’s time to relax and have some good fun.


You are at the top of your game just now, so it would be best to direct your charms to someone who’s really important to you. It’s high time for you to decide what you really want from the others, and then make a firm plan how to get it. You must remember that something that is easy to get usually turns out not to be worth keeping in the long run.


This might be an opportune time to bring up a matter that you have rolled in your head for a long time. Are not afraid to present your ideas and suggestions. Changes that took place last month are still affecting you. It could feel difficult to adjust just now, but everything in this life has a way to settle as times go by. Nothing is for ever.


This weekend, you should take the reins and concentrate on helping your friends. Nothing could satisfy your more, and it would also help tak your thoughts away from a question that has bothered you for some time but for which you have yet to find an answer. By all means possible, avoid making promises that you don’t intend to keep in the first place.


People say that travelling is learning, but your next trip could give you an idea that could bring you pure cash. It would take serious concentrating to realize the idea, so you should leave romance out of the picture until you have taken time to think everything through. Do not give promises you are likely to regret later, especially to people you are interested in.


You could suddenly run into a very special person much to you surprise. This encounter could cause some friction between your job and romance, but you should be able to take care of the situation without problems. Maybe you should arrange to meet this person on weekends instead of work days. If this is not understood, maybe he or she is not the right one.


You should have an honest and straight discussion about things that trouble or confuse you. If you let the problems simmer, they will inevitably affect your work and even love life. Learning to control your temper would be a good start. Even if tempers flare at times, try to concentrate on calm discussion instead of fighting and quarrel.


You should complete every little part of your project even if the completion of the whole gets a little delayed. Even a small missing detail could lead to significant problems later, if you don’t take care of everything now. If you don’t find a solution to something, you should think flexibly for some alternative way to get the desired results.


Trust and optimism are the prominent moods this time. Try o be especially effective and make sure everything is taken care of. Your life is now dominated by emotions and that will bring both much happiness but also some sorrows and disappointment. However, you can rest assured that the weekend does not bring any big surprises.


You must not forget the power of open and honest discussion at home. Remember that no one should be taken for granted. A good idea would be to do something really romantic with your partner. And once you are at it, why not continue doing things together for the rest of the month. You can believe that you won’t regret anything afterwards.


Silence is golden at this time. By talking too much could easily lead to problems and disagreement, although a few well-thought words at right moment could trigger a solution. Try to avoid appearing too self-confident. A small dose of humility would make your that much more desirable and lovable in the eyes of your lover.


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