Nanjo eyes attracting Costco shop into city

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Costco Wholesale Japan is reportedly considering opening a store in Nanjo City.

According to a source familiar with the matter, the candidate site is the Tsukishiro area in Nanjo City, which The company planners see as a good choice, as it offers a convenient access by car from various parts of the island and is within easy reach for a broad range of customers.

A few years ago, Costco considered opening a store in central Okinawa, but the plan went nowhere. Recently, a leadership official of Costco reportedly visited the Nanjo City Office to convey the intention of the company.

However, details of the plan, such as the timetable or the scale of the project remains unknown. Also, to open a store, Costco requires that 500,000 people live within a 10-kilometer radius, the location has a good access by car, has a site area of over 33,000 and construction area of over 13,000 square meters. It also must have a parking space for more than 800 cars.

The Nanjo City Office is reportedly negotiating with area landowners to secure the store site. According to a report at Ryukyu Shimpo newspaper, Nanjo City Mayor Chobin Zukeran emphasizes that no formal decisions has been made, and discussions on the matter are just one of the city’s ongoing efforts to attract new businesses into the city.

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