Abe falsely claims coral in Henoko transplanted

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Japan Prime Minister Shinjo Abe claimed in a NHK TV show aired on Jan. 6th that coral at the landfill site for the construction of the replacement facility for MCAS Futenma in Henoko, Nago City, had already been transplanted. However, that fact is that no coral has been transplanted from the reclamation area, where the landfill is taking place.

As for the whole landfill area, some 74,000 coral colonies should be transplanted, but only nine colonies of porites okinawensis ceron (オキナワハマサンゴ) have been moved to another sea area.

Okinawa Defense Bureau reportedly planned to transplant colonies of another species (stylaraea Milne Edwards & Haime (ヒメサンゴ)) which is classified as a near-threatened, first. However, the bureau has not been able to obtain a necessary permit for the transplant from the prefecture, and changed the plan to using a special apparatus to shield the coral and avoid the transplant.

Okinawa Governor Denny Tamaki tweeted Jan. 7th, “Prime Minister Abe, who provided you with the information (about coral transplant)? The reality is not so. That’s why we ask the question.”

Okinawa Defense Bureau plan calls for only transplanting coral colonies that are over 1 meter in diameter but not smaller ones.

The nine coral colonies transplanted so far were from places outside of the reclamation area.

The Okinawa Defense Bureau has applied for a permit to transplant 39,000 coral colonies, but Okinawa Prefecture has refused the application.

The Prime Minister also said in the program that the endangered species from the sandy beach will be moved is to another beach, but the plan by the Okinawa Defense Bureau has not been carried out.

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