Shuri Castle welcomes 60 millionth visitor

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Shuri Castle has welcomed over 60 million visitors since opening 27 years ago.

Over 60 million people have visited the Shuri Castle since its opening after renovation 27 years ago in 1992.

Masako Yoshida from Shiga Prefecture became the visitor who put the number over the 60-million mark on Dec. 16th. The castle organized a ceremony to mark the occasion. At the ceremony, surprised Yoshida was presented a certificate and Ryukyu lacquerware and original goods.

Yoshida was on a two-night three-day trip to Okinawa. She said that this was her first time to visit the Shuri Castle. “This was a total surprise for me. I’m sure I will enjoy the castle and everything it has,” she said.

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Okinawa, the castle undergoes continuous repairs and maintenance work to keep it in top condition. The latest major work was to repaint the main hall that was completed at the end of November. The repainting work was started in 2016.

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