World Eisa Contest to take place Dec. 15th in Ginowan

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World Eisa 2017

The World Eisa Contest is scheduled to take place on Ginowan Stadium Arena on Dec. 15 from 11:00 to 15:00. Admission to the event is free.

Mikako Nakada, the World Eisa Contest Executive Committee Chairman, said, “We intend to develop a dynamic exchange festival that aims at strengthening the Eisa network worldwide. At that event, participating Eisa groups will show off hot stage performances and vivid and colorful creative Eisa dances. I’m sure the audience will enjoy some unique Eisa only performed at the World Eisa Contest.”

22 domestic and foreign Eisa groups are scheduled to dance at the event. Previous World Eisa Contests were centered exclusively on Eisa contests. However, this year the focus is on human exchanges and strengthening the world eisa network. Five foreign Eisa groups will perform in the main event, and at the conclusion of the festival, all groups will come on stage to perform together.

The event schedule also includes an Eisa history panel exhibition. A corner at the venue offers hands on experience of making a paarankuu drum.

Musician and music producer Akira Ikuma will perform as a guest with successive groups. He is best known for his singing of song Dynamic Ryukyu.

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