Warm weather expected to continue another week

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In Japan, November 7 marks “Rittou,’ the start of winter, which is one of the “24 sekki” or 24 divisions of the solar year.”

But no matter what the calendar says, despite the start of the winter, on Nov. 6th the weather still was summer-like with the temperature rising to over 25 degrees Celsius in all areas of Okinawa, except in Oku, Kunigami Village, at the northernmost tip of the island.

According to Okinawa Meteorological Observatory, the warm weather was brought by a migratory anticyclone covering the Okinawa area.

In Naha City, one could see people carrying UV-protective umbrellas and wearing short-sleeve shirts and short pants like in the summer season.

The highest temperatures of the day of 28.4 degrees were recorded at Tonoshiro, Ishigaki Island, and Shitaabaru, Taketomi Town.

The meteorological observatory expects the migratory anticyclone stay over Okinawa for a while and the weather be sunny for the next one week. That means the highest and lowest temperatures would be higher than average.

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