Okinawa’s 3rd oldest bowling alley to close

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An era is coming to an end when Oroku Bowling Alley, which opened on Mar. 5th, 1972 before the reversion that took place on May 15th of the same year, sets up the pins for the final throws at the end of February 2019.

The owners say the bowling alley building is too aged and would need a lot of repairs. For example, it does not meet the current earthquake resistance requirements, and the owners decided in June to close the facility and tear the building down.

Many bowling enthusiasts who have played at the alley for a long time say they were sad to hear the news and wished there would be a way to keep its operation going.

The Oroku Bowling Alley is the third oldest bowling alley in Okinawa.

According to Alley Manager Kenji Uehara, the alley was at its peak when they introduced the auto scorer system 25 years ago. Then players waited for two hours on weekdays and three to four hours on holidays for their turn to play.

Recently, the alley has been operating until 1 a.m. but there was a time when it stayed open to 3 or 4 a.m.

When an inspection revealed the deficiency in the building’s earthquake resistance, the operator of the alley first considered repairs instead of tearing down the building, but the cost proved out to be too high, an the decision was made to close the business.

The operator also decided to sponsor a final league match to mark the end of the era. It’s currently being carried out and bowlers have enthusiastically entered the contest.

All matches will be finished on the last day of February, and it will be the last day of the alley.

The demolition work on the building will start in April next year.


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