New awamori combines flavors from all makers

Category: [ Business ]

ichayun2Okinawa Awamori Distillers Cooperative Association has brought to market a new limited edition awamori named “Ichayun” that is a mix of awamori from all 46 association member distilleries.

The name “Ichayun” means “Encounter” and the new product went for sale on Nov. 1st at AEON Rycom and Naha shopping malls and MaxValu supermarkets in the prefecture.

Ichayun has alcohol content of 43% per volume and a special attention is paid to ensure that it has a strong umami. It can be enjoyed on the rocks or mixed with water.

Ichayun sells for ¥1,940 for a 720ml bottle with the production limited to 5,000 bottles. It’s also available in 1,800ml bottles, of which only 1,000 numbered bottles are made available. The large bottles are priced at ¥3,980.

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