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Nov. 29 ~ Dec. 5


Keep an open mind and positive attitude to everything new. Your friends really appreciate all your help in organizing gettogethers. You can expect to meet many opportunities in your job that give you a chance to show your best side. Beware of making hasty decision at this time, though. Instead take your time to evaluate each situation on its own merits.


First of all, you should keep your calm and just be your reasonable self. You have to pay close attention to events both at home and work. By showing people that you are worth their trust you can achieve the best results. You could meet someone over the weekend who really makes you to remember the past. But are you sure you want to go there?


This coming week, you need most of all determination. You could find out that your plans are met with resistance and doubts. Don’t forget that people who are seemingly quiet can be every bot as irritating as those who are the loudest. You have to pay close attention to your money, but you should not be stingy when you are together with your loved ones.


You are known to be always ready to help your friends and colleagues with their problems. But you should think carefully before you take on a task that has no end in the foreseeable future. You will have an excellent opportunity to realize one of your dreams in the coming months, but you should not tie yourself too tightly to one specific situation.


It could be difficult for you to compromise, especially if you already have pictured a perfect goal and outcome in your mind. But you could be a little more flexible at times. Making a preliminary plan is never a bad idea, but you must realize that changes are sometimes necessary. Especially, when circumstances change. Think where you’d like to be after five years.


A few disappointments that you have experienced lately, could have damaged your self-confidence, but that happens to everyone. There’s no reason for you to mull that in your mind over and over again. Now is a good time to renew your old plea to pay more attention to your fitness. Any exercise you enjoy is a path to better life for you.


You social life is going to get busy. It’s not a question of what you should do but what should you start with. But you should keep most of your intentions and plans to yourself because mystery now attracts people you are interested in. Someone would like you to take more responsibility, but you should think carefully what you can promise.


There are all kinds of rumors going around and it could be difficult for you to figure out what people really want from you. The best way would be to decide for yourself and take responsibility of your own activities. A good start would be to take care of your health and wellbeing. Get to a jogging path and you might be surprised who is there, too..


There are so many changes taking place around you that it could sometimes be a problem to make up your mind on how to react. Many things don’t become clear until considerable time elapses and you just have to learn live with it. This weekend, you need to find some peace and use time to relac and recharge your batteries. You’ll need it next week.


Many pressing problems require negotiations and sorting out before decisions can be made, so it would be the best to get the situation to calm down. The you would be able to see what works and what not. A close relationship requires straight talk before you can go forward. Only you can provide an answer to a close friend who is facing a dilemma.


This weekend and few days into the coming week is better used for thinking and mediating than for physical activities. That would also help you to make up your mind both in your private life and work. Matters concerning your romantic relationship are probably not on the top of your mind unlike your partner. You have to wait for a right moment to bring them up.


Planning your schedule better and slowing down a bit could help with your personal relationships. You should stop doing tasks for others and instead try to get them to take more initiatives themselves. You need to find time for yourself to do things that you appreciate and like. Doing so would improve everyone’s workload and stress considerably.


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