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Nov. 22 ~ 28


This time, you should try to keep your cool at all costs, even if you are very busy and perhaps even a bit sensitive to all gossip you hear. You have a tendency to expect a little too much from people and that makes you feel betrayed at times. You should look more at the positive side of people instead of paying too much attention to their weaknesses.


You should look for your friends to bring you joy this weekend. Sometimes is can be relaxing to be alone, but too much causes you to easily lose a balanced picture of what’s going on. Do you actually know how much your friends enjoy being with you? Probably not, because you are very modest by nature. You should learn to take it easier and enjoy more of life.


You can expect to encounter a puzzling question and seeking an answer to it leads you to another even deeper mystery. If you could find the right person to ask, you should find the answer right away. It’s possible that you have thought to ask the same person about the mystery earlier but have hesitated for some reason. Now you know what you should do.


Your natural charm is pushing your popularity to the top just now. Also, your long-term plans easily win any quick move you might be tempted to do. A long and relaxing vacation you had in the past brings fond memories to you and leads you to think whether you could repeat it. But you have to think all alternatives although the time is ripe.


Your current attitude towards life makes everything feel much more pleasant. Maybe in the past you gave an impression that you had lost your ability to have fun. Do not forget that a little fooling around is a part of a balanced and rewarding life. You should get out of the house more often and really enjoy the company of your friends.


Everybody knows that you love challenges, and this week, you are likely to face a quite demanding job. Early next week problems with your relatives could fill your thoughts and looks like the matter can’t be postponed. Luckily, everyone involved can appreciate your sympathy and reliability and is ready to listen to your opinion and advice.


You are able to figure out the hidden motives behind actions of some of your colleagues and this gives you a definite advantage. Make sure you do your homework regarding a project at your job, as it makes it much easier for your team to succeed. Use your intuition if someone tries to undercut your decision. Think what they want to accomplish in the end.


The next couple of days could find you somehow a bit out of whack, but after a nice rest over the weekend you will be able to find your groove. You have been busy and might have neglected your friends. You have to get hold of your everyday routines in order to get back on track. This would also ensure that you can really enjoy your weekend and relax.


Would you like to do something about the way you look? Maybe you are spending too much time indoors. Take a brisk walk outdoors, maybe in the company of a good friend or two could do wonders. Or perhaps reading a good book or watching a new movie could do the trick. The main thing for you wellbeing would be to do something you enjoy and relax.


Changing your old daily routines could feel difficult before you can settle in your new schedule but that’s what you must do. You should dare to dream, but when you decide to try to make your dreams come true, you must keep your feet firmly to the ground. The next two week promise to be hectic, but your creativity could surprise you by giving you a new shot of energy.


Be confident when you must step out in front of your team. You will clear all hurdles with your way of taking straight and honestly about problems. Do not hesitate to bring out new angles but try to encourage everyone to forget old routines and actively seek for new solutions and think out of the box. This weekend could bring you romance and passion.


A change of environment for the weekend could be in order after all the dread and burrowing at your job over the past few weeks. Take a positive attitude in general, and you will find yourself in a place you belong to. Pay attention with whom you spend your time but rejecting someone for not meeting a similar person before would be a mistake.


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