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Nov. 8 ~ 14


It’s possible that you get lucky during the next few days that brings an infusion of money that would be very welcome. This could also help when you hear about one of your friends. It could be that someone needs your support in order to get ahead in life. Love is passionate, and could be even painful at times, but rest assured that with time you win much more than lose.


This week promises to be full of surprises. You have an idea that would benefit everyone of your colleagues, but to make the idea a reality requires quite complicated maneuvers. Better ask an experienced friend for help. Although you sometimes get this feeling of being pushed too hard, you should not take too much stress about it. It’s not worth it.


You should make sure at your job that you are the one who holds the reins and makes sure everyone contributes towards your common goal. People around you could be a little apathetic, but they might just need your encouragement and example to follow. You have good ideas and perhaps all that is needed is to come up with something irresistible.


Try to take it easy whenever possible. It’s likely that you have done your part, but it could frustrate your team if they feel that you change your mind all the time. At the same time, that is exactly what makes you spontaneous and fun to work with. Try to cheer up as many people as possible. It does not cost you anything and the whole team will be better off.


Why would you tolerate people who clearly have a negative effect on your mood. It’s sure that you would do better without listening someone to talk you down all the time. This is not a time to reverse your past decisions, because what you really want is right in front of you. Confine your ideas to your loved ones. They might have a surprise for you that you didn’t expect.


You should be curious and ready for surprises. You could also run into an old flame. You should save your energy for something that really interests you. You are at your best when you focus your energies on one goal and in that way, you get much more results. That also holds true in matters of love. Plus, you should use more imagination when together with your partner.


Your current situation is not exactly how you intended and hoped it would be, and that could be a little disappointment. However, keep your cool and pay more attention to small details before making a decision. Many different opinions could lead to passionate arguments and rising voices.  You should remember that someone at home could feel neglected.


You have a problem, but you can use your imagination to find a solution. You may feel quite comfortable in the company of people who immerse themselves in their smartphone or computer, but you should not underestimate the need for real conversation and human touch. It makes life feel real. The world still revolves mostly around human relationships.


You must be ready to change course if that’s what success requires. There has been, and still is, many highly passionate feelings and emotions around you. You may even end up considering rekindling an old romance. You should be careful, as falling in love with love itself is usually shortsighted. A better course of action is to take your time, as you are not in a hurry.


Avoid people who try to take advantage of you because you are in hurry. You don’t have to be always friendly as long as you don’t become rude. Sometimes you pay too much attention to what people think about you, even when their opinions do not matter the slightest. What you should concentrate on is being creative with your lover. That would make you both happy.


Be careful when you aim at your goals in life. Some people could try to disturb you in your endeavor. You should support and encourage those who are in the same wavelength with your thinking and make you feel comfortable in their company. You should avoid multi-tasking this week, as it would only make you tired and mess up your concentration.


You should seek opportunities to visit new places or do something special. There’s a person who sends you a challenge this weekend, and this someone just might know you better that you had thought. Are you ready to take up the challenge? It’s possible that one of your newest friends introduces you to a very interesting person. It’s up to you to get to know the person better.


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