Japan tops Chinese favorite travel destination list

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Japan is the favored overseas travel destination for Chinese during the upcoming China’s “Golden Week” string of holidays starting with the Chinese National Day on Oct. 1st that commemorates thefounding of People’s Republic of China, according to a survey by the Chinese on-line travel network Ctrip.

The recent natural disasters that have wreaked havoc in different parts of Japan doesn’t seem to have had much negative affect on Chinese traveler’s plans, the survey shows.

The large variety of different travel destinations Japan has to offer, was the main reason people mentioned as the reason for choosing Japan. Recent steps the Japanese government has taken to ease visa restrictions to the Chinese tourists is also having a positive effect.

The same survey found that Thailand was the second most popular destination followed by Hong Kong and Korea.

About seven million Chinese tourists have reservations for overseas trips during the upcoming holiday with young people 20 to 30 years of age forming the largest group of travelers and women topping the number of men in the group.

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