Continuing tourism boom creates rush to build hotels

Category: [ Business ]

Strong demand amid the current boom in Okinawa tourism has created a boom in construction of hotel and other accommodation facilities, which increased by 14 percent in fiscal 2017, according to Okinawa Prefecture Government Culture and Tourism Section.

There are currently 2,082 hotels and guest houses in the prefecture, an increase of 259 from a year before, offering 3,373 more rooms, a 7.9 percent increase. The number of rooms now totals 46,068.

The number of visitors to Okinawa increased by 8.4 percent, and officials now try to find ways to attract visitors who stay longer and thus spend more money here.

Breaking down the number of the accommodation increase, eight new city hotels were added last year and they now total 41. 57 more business hotels opened their doors now totaling 259. Dormitories and guest houses increased by 47 to a total of 302 and pensions and villas by 135 to total 637.  Most of the new hotels are in Naha City.

As the number of visitors is climbing up, the construction of facilities to accommodate them is continuing apace.

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