ANA to cancel four freight routes from Naha

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All Nippon Airways (ANA) will cancel four freight routes from Naha from Oct. 28th.

ANA is using Naha as one of its cargo business logistics network hubs for Southeast Asian destinations with daily cargo fights leaving Naha Airport to various destinations mostly during nighttime hours when there are no passenger flights. The routes to be cancelled are between Naha and Narita, Kaoshiung, Taipei and Seoul. The current route between Naha and Kansai International Airport in Osaka will also be changed to Naha – Kitakyushu route.

According to ANA spokesman, the company aims to streamline its cargo networks to increase its effectiveness. “We would like to make our cargo operations more effective within Japan and between Japan and major cities in Asia,” the spokesman said.

The cancellation will decrease the number of flights by 20 a week.

ANA Cargo Okinawa Branch General Manager Hidetoshi Watanabe said, “Our basic plan to deliver cargo to every major city in Asia from Naha within four hours and with delivery between anywhere in Japan and the final destinations in those Asian cities within 24 hours has not changed. On the other hand, Haneda Airport in Tokyo has increased its nighttime passenger flights, and we can use those flights to carry our cargo to reduce our delivery times further,” Watanabe explained.

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