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Aug 2 ~ 8


The meaning of friends and family is the focus at this time, and you will see how important they really are. Simply by being available makes stronger bonds. Be ready to listen when someone is asking you a special favor. This could very well make you to change your mind regarding an event that happened a long time ago and has bothered you since.


If there are any misunderstandings between you and your closest friends, they are only temporary, and you should not stress out because of that. Someone you just met is going to become very important for you by the end of this month, but you have to keep an open mind. It seems that you prefer the company of people who accept you the way you are.


Fear of new and unknown could be the reason you don’t seem to get ahead. You should find out as much as possible about things that you are likely to encounter. There’s also a person who will clearly show interest in you although that could be a surprise to you. Do not panic and take your time to consider your feelings before taking any action.


The motivation of some of your friends could come to you as a surprise, especially on matters concerning money. However, you should stick to your own opinions. You are longing for an adventure, and some exotic holiday destinations could come up, but you should remember that with whom you go is as important as where you go.


Doing things together can be fun, and first all full of surprises. Maybe you should expand your social circles. You should not worry too much about your love life, as most of it will take care of itself. But you may have to change some of your routines in order to refresh aspects that you have become tired of. You should seek for a good party this weekend.


You are not satisfied with the physical aspects alone in your new relationship but are looking for something deeper. That should not be a problem, but you should give it time and be patient. You want to learn, and that seems to be quite easy and rewarding. You must find the right people to be with. A new hobby would be a good way to get to meet new faces.


If you use a little bit of your imagination, you have a good chance to make some extra money. You can also save a little by paying closer attention to your shopping habits and selling off things that you did not need in the first place. It would also be a good idea to renew your household with bright new colors and textiles. Open space helps you to relax.


The company of older persons is causing you to think the direction your life has now. But sometimes it is impossible to make permanent conclusions that will be true forever. Be patient and consider your options. Remember that love can be blind and try to be flexible. Besides being a sensible attitude to follow, it also is guaranteed to relieve your anxieties.


This weekend you have to balance between conflicting attitudes in your circle of friends. Tell those closest to you what is going on, and you are more than likely to gain their support. Show your respect to your lover. Love is a happy thing but could have some crimples coming up in a week or two. Ask what you want, and hope that you get the answer you desire.


Love and intimacy are on the forefront this weekend. Even your friends and colleagues at work seem to be of the same family.  Enjoy your time with your loved ones, relax as much as possible in order to gather energy you will need towards the end of August. When you are satisfied and calm, it will be easy to be creative when the need arises.


Someone is making you a request and agreeing to it could stress you out. If there’s no way you could refuse this request, be ready to ask one of your friends to help. A close relationship with a friend could easily grow into something bigger this time. As you work with your colleagues towards a common goal, you will learn the importance of various points of view.


Your dreams and intuition are guiding you to the right direction. You should consider the time spent for planning the journey of your life as an investment. You should notice that there’s no need for you to impress those close to you with money. Just being yourself is enough. There’s someone you would like to know better, but you have to get closer to this person.

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