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May 24 ~ 30


Your relationship that has seemed stuck in eternal doldrums, is suddenly taking a step forward. That certainly is a relief, but your trust may have been damaged, and needs urgently some repair work. You should please yourself by doing something you really enjoy. And this, in turn, could help you to recover your previous confidence.


The only thing you desire is to be left in peace and among your own. Enjoy the company of your younger relatives if possible, and especially over the weekend. A small investment could bring in good dividends in the future. Remember to show you appreciation to others whenever there is a reason to do so. That, too, is an investment.


Your natural curiosity makes you busy this weekend. The more you watch the world around you, the more fascinating is seems. Someone who has so far been shrouded in mystery is going to allow you a chance to lift the veil of secrecy a bit. And with your curiosity, there is no way that you would miss this opportunity.


You will have an opportunity to share your worries with other people this weekend and early next week. When you learn how to leave your problems behind, you will see progress in your life. Cleaning the table makes room for good and positive feelings, and you can see how you can achieve satisfaction, optimism and energy.


Some people would like you to follow in their steps forgetting your own preferences, but you should not listen to them. It’s a sure bet that you know best which way you should go with your life. You have to remind yourself that it’s impossible to please everyone. Luckily you have a friend who sees the situation clearly and can help you.


You would very much like to focus on future, but present is intervening, and demands your attention. You must take care of business at hand first in order to be able to concentrate on things that you really want to do. The question is whether you only have a pipe dream or are you able to make it really happen.


Are you stuck into everyday routines? Do you feel that you should chance your environment? Plan a trip to somewhere where no one you know can disturb you, and you can really think about your situation. The new surroundings would lift your spirits wonderfully, and once you come back, you’d be ready to meet the challenges.


Ask yourself, are you only scratching the surface in you love life? If you desire something more, you have to be ready to invest more passion and feelings in this game. After all, you have very little to lose, but everything to win. It’s possible for you to achieve happiness and satisfaction, but you have to work on it first.


Planning ahead saves time and money. The biggest mistake you can do just now is to go with the flow. By taking the reins of your life by yourself guarantees that it’s you who makes the choices. The best results take a lot of hard work, but it’s also well worth it. Be ready to take every advantage of this situation.


There’s much activity around you, and that could make you impatient. You should pay more attention to whom and what you devote your time and attention. You should forget all the routines for a moment, and plan something different for this weekend. Think what’s really important for you, and then act accordingly.


Sometimes is feels like everyone else is from another planet. How is it possible that they can’t understand your point of view? Because your worldview is clear, it’s frustrating to see others walk in circles. However, there’s not much you can do to change the situation as they are not going to start listening to your advice.


You should plan carefully and even create a written schedule in order to make your life easier. Throw your ideas to your friends and family and see what they think. Combining work and fun could bring out some good ideas. But first you have to start planning your holiday. It would take your mind away from everyday problems.

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