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Apr. 12 ~ 18


You can expect the next few days to be very busy, and that can lead easily to miscommunication. Your life can at times feel like riding on a rollercoaster. This weekend you should do something special for your lover. That would help you both understand how lucky you really are to have each other.


You have wanted to ask a certain person an important question but are hesitating. Maybe you have even thought to ask one of your friends to approach the person on your behalf. You should stop pondering and go straight to the gist of it. You would feel much better when you get it out.


The atmosphere at your home could be rather stormy and much disagreement could come up. Try to be as clear as possible when you express your thought. Someone could try intentionally to misunderstand you to get a boost for his or her own case. On the other hand, a honest argument could clear the air.


Avoiding friction could spare you from many a trouble in the future. You partner could be worried about something. You should do your best to convince everyone concerned that this will pass. Overreacting seldom leads to anything good, and especially this time you should leave this matter well alone.


Try to relax as much as possible during the next few days whenever you find spare time. You have plenty of things to do and think over. It’s not your fault that someone is frustrated, so it would be a good idea to take a little distance. Make you position clear, so no one wastes your time to nonsense.


Do you feel that you need a little time for yourself? Could someone take of some of your burden? How often do you even ask others for anything? It’s important for you to have people around you, especially, if you are beginning something new. Your money situation is improving, but you still need to stick with your budget.


Your need for love and approval lead you sometimes to a dead end. It’s always a disappointment because you want to see only the good side in other people. But the next few days will open your eyes. Maybe you even find love where you don’t expect. But beware of negative people who cross path with you.


A string of events that you have been involved in seems to come to end. Your intuition tells you to turn around and walk away, but your common sense tells you to turn the circumstances around and use your skills to make things better. Feelings and passion run high, but the new beginning is now in front of your eyes.


Everything seems now happening very fast. You can see the goal, for which you have worked so hard, right in front of your eyes. Your long-term plans could become true, but you have to wait a little longer. The problem is that after waiting for something for a long time, it could be a disappointment when you finally get it.


When you are waiting for a special encounter, you should do everything you can to make it happen right. Just sitting there is no help. With help from a close friend you can resolve an old problem using a new angle. And don’t forget that injecting a little humor helps to put many things in the right perspective.


Many things that have been important to you are suddenly changing and matters that you have taken for granted are no more valid. This could be frustrating, but you should see it as a chance to change your attitude. You must think how the change could make your life easier and more satisfying.


This is not the best time to sign contracts or enter in demanding negotiations. Event at home, discussion involving money could easily heat up. You must remember what is most important in your life and act accordingly. Show your love and admiration to your loved ones and forget about cynicism.


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