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Mar. 29 ~ Apr. 4


Various kinds of delays and misunderstandings could spell trouble for you over the next few days. You should plan ahead and be flexible in facing and mitigating ill effects if you encounter trouble. In love, you should pay special attention to everyday cooperation in order to reduce stress. Enjoy the good times and relax.


You could encounter an event this weekend that leaves you a little puzzled. You must be patient, and everything will be OK. A friend who is behaving contrary to the usual has a good reason. You have to see the situation from a new angle in order to understand it. You also have to be prepared to possible changes in your near-term future plans.


Your discussions about your family’s money situation could change for worse. You should clear the matter as early as possible, preferable by the end of the weekend. Keep your cool and don’t waste valuable time pondering different alternatives. You know what you want and what others expect from you, although it’s not always so easy to match the two.


If you want your current relationship to flourish, you have to be more flexible and forgiving. Forget the idea that you always have to be in right and think about what really is important for you. Trying to reach for perfection often results in disappointment. It would be much better for your to take it a little easier sometimes.


At the beginning of next week, you likely are facing a situation that you have to negotiate. Remember that you have more important things to do than start a quarrel. You have to charm your lover into opening up about a certain personal matter. It would help to convince him or her that your feelings are truly genuine.


Sometimes, we have a tendency to take our spouses for granted. We think that we know what they think and what is expected from us. It would be a good idea at times to check if that really is true. Maybe now is the right time to see things from different perspective. To have a serious and deep conversation is the best way to avoid misunderstandings.


Would it be nice if everything always went as planned? However, the fact is that something always seems to distract you and cause you to forget the goal. You should try to concentrate more. It does not pay to leave things half-done, especially when love is concerned. There is someone who wants to know whether you have a future together.


You could have expected that your plans get delayed and sidetracked, but it’s infuriating, nevertheless. You must now remember that you never wait for good things in life too long. Sometimes, a short break of a day or two helps you to see the situation clearer. And don’t believe everything that you hear. Those people could have their own ideas about your future.


Although you expected your business become more difficult, you have not completely prepared for the coming week. Try balancing the different aspects of the trouble before telling those concerned about your opinion. Things can now change from day to day, and no one expects you to rush into hasty decisions, so take your time.


Old memories have a tendency to turn golden as times go by, especially romantic ones. But is it worth the time to dream about past. It would be better to look forward and reach for something better. You can expect some good news when someone who made you a promise a while ago finally takes action and the results are good.


You could unexpectedly meet an old flame and that could mess up your head and raise some mixed feelings. You should think twice whether it’s worth your while to travel on your old path. You should look for the company of someone who can help you to grow into a person you want to be. Even a small change could be important.


This weekend you can let loose. It has been some time since you had a chance, and of some people around you want to wallow in the past, let them. Why would anyone cling to the past when you have so many exciting and fun things ahead. When a new door opens for you, it means new opportunity after a long dull period of time.



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